Saturday, 26 December 2015

December Haul

December Haul

Beauty Blender, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Laura Ashley Candle &
Hour Glass Lip Gloss In Extreme Sheen Icon
Oh dear hear I am again shopping! now this isn't exactly shopping for friends or family nope! this is indulgence for me over the period of Christmas. Just a few little buys that I thought I would share with you that took me by surprise and could possibly fast become my favourite things.

Beauty Blender

Yes I fell for it , but look people have said that this particular blender works a treat for foundation now I haven't tried it yet but I will write a full review on this. Once I have I will write a review on my blog! just let me try it for the month of January 2016 and then we can discuss, however I will let you know this much its made In China its such a genius idea and a simple one at that, I wish I had gone to Lord Sugar with this idea! its a sponge in the shape of a dome or a tear drop , the trick is to get the sponge slightly wet moist in fact and apply your foundation, apparently it really soaks in and keeps the foundation on longer. The shape of it helps to get under the eyes and around the nose, so I have a few tips with this sponge the tricks I will share once I use it .

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Now who hasn't heard of this very famous foundation! you must have even if you are not a makeup junkie or geek like me. The reason why it took me so long to try this foundation was because well lets just say every time I went to the counter to get me colour matched there was either a queue or a disinterested makeup lady so! I finally found someone who sparked my interest colour matched me and I was pretty impressed. My colour match is Tawny and I would say you need a moisturiser or a primer with this foundation its not a dewy glowy look but gives you a full coverage for sure. Good thing with this is you can build on the foundation look. Even one layer covers quite a few blemishes so don't think you need so many layers in order to get a flawless look. To be honest if you are having a good skin day concealer is not even needed . A good one to try out if you are new to foundations its old but gold.

HourGlass-Extreme Sheen Icon

Oh my this lip gloss is phenomenal I love it. I have heard of hour glass again and again! but never of the lip gloss and I don't even know whether they are popular all I know is that its so soft so bright and pigmented it has the WOW factor to it and the sheen to it is brilliant. Its not cheap so has to be a indulgence buy for sure , but a lip gloss that I was bowled over by . After Christian Dior I would say this is now my favourite. This particular colour is a deep classic red perfect for an evening out, it has a glamorous feel to it due to the sheen and its not that sticky but soft against the lips and actually quite hydrating. Couple of things though, as I wore this out of the shop it came off quite easily once applied and does run so will end up on your teeth if you are not careful. So if you going for a burger or popcorn at the movies probably not advisable to go for this colour but a dinner or night out without too much messing around with food and I think its fine for that. Go Buy This! ( Not sponsored by them or anything!) Just love the product.

Laura Ashley Candle By Emma

Candles have not always been my strong point really only in the last few years Do I now love to light a few while having guests over or while watching Tv in the evening. So I'm always on the search for amazing scented candles, you can buy the cheap and cheerful but they don't always have that scent that makes you stop. Now this candle I happened to just take a sniff of and I was mesmerised it was so beautiful  that I followed my friend around the store saying smell this its so good , honestly I'm not great at describing scents and I would say there is something so stunningly seductive even about this smell its like a high end perfume subtle but with a deep fragrance. You have Just got to smell it. 
So anyone live near a Laura Ashley try this candle out. Looks good and smells even better, light it on special occasions and the room will have this stunning smell surrounding your guests.

All the makeup products were purchased in Space NK and we now have this store near us . Lucky me or not so lucky wallet. They have so much choice in one store. Go check out the things and get yourself the store card and build your points.

Let me know what you think of my products and whether you have any comments on any of them or any advice for me. 

I hope you are all having a super time in your holidays and have enjoyed my blog posts for the last 6 months those of you that have continued to read me and follow me thank you! I hope I continue to enjoy this journey and can keep you entertained further more! 

In the new year at some point I will be setting up my own Website Im working on it! and hopefully will be up and running with all my social media attachments there and my channel details so one stop shop for all which will make life a lot easier. All my blog posts will be easy to read and will be put in categories and much easier to find. 

Wish you all a super year ahead. Remember follow your dreams they start off as a thought let that thought and seed become your reality . Don't stop there keep going being vulnerable putting yourself out there thats half the reason why we are here lets grow stretch ourselves and learn new things. 

Until Next Year!
Unscripted & Unapologetic

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Staying Motivated Whilst Working From Home!

10 Ways To Stay Motivated While Working From Home!

  1. Start the day with gratidue. Know that wherever you are in your creativity, whether thats a new start, challenging yourself to think outside the box or just learning to be more creative, learn to be happy and content to where you are in life. If you start your day with gratitude then I do think the universe aspires to bring more creative juices your way.
  2. Discipline, working for yourself can mean procrastination at the best of times, after all you are the master of your own day. However with your own business big or small, you need discipline, focus and drive, even if its 3/4 hours a day of concentration in the office, getting onotp of admin or ideas and goals that you are thinking of , you need to give it your attention its really important , so that it leaves you organised and no panic sets in . Stay ahead to keep ahead has always been my moto. Do lists, know what your aims are daily and weekly and you can't go wrong!
  3. Take regular breaks, being cooped up indoors means working yes! but also means you may not have stepped outside at all or even spoken to someone, so get some fresh air go to the gym watch a tv programme call up a friend anything, just step away from work to get more clarity and to give yourself that deserved break you need.
  4. Try to eat clean, come on we all know the home office and kitchen are normally close to each other which means snacking at strange hours and just generally not having the discipline to control bad food cravings. Start your day as you mean to go on, breakkie and then good healthy snacks, you will find that afternoon feeling lazy will be few and far between as you have stabilised your sugar levels rather than spiking it and giving it a crash. So come on get your Vitamix out and your Nutribullet and start making those smoothies.
  5. In reference to a property business, I would say keep the propertys from becoming dilapidated. Its not only useful to you , you add value to your property! but you keep your property from deteriorating as well as you will get a lovely tenant in who will hopefully pay their rent on time and not complain if things are not working in the flat. So its a win win. 
  6. Stay calm, its very easy when you are responsible for your own livelihood to sometimes panic when problems occur I would say worst trait to have and if you can work on it, deep breaths mediation all calms the demeanour down. This helps in problem solving gaining clarity and just generally keeping your mind clear to make decisions.
  7. Stick to your rules, even if its a small business don't get influenced by anyone to move your rules according to their convenience its YOUR business keep the ground rules the same it is more professional like, yes sometimes for some reasons you may need flexibility but generally keep the rules standing, you eventually will gain more respect for that.
  8. Network network network, as in keep hold of Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters Painters and Decorators. If you are in the property business then this is a staple could even say a Holy Grail! you will need these people on a regular basis and your loyal plumber or builder could be away or be busy so you need emergency numbers on hand. Keep a book with all these numbers you will need them at 11pm one Sunday night when someone's radiator has burst all across their living room. Oh yes the joys of being a Landlord!
  9. Smile! you have a great opportunity to use your own business to create the life which you want!, utilise this freedom in a productive and positive way. 
  10. Keep your office tidy, honestly helps in finding things when you really need it and being organised in your own business is key! if you can't find anything under the pile of paperwork then no one will.
So there are a few of my tips and tricks to keep you motivated whilst working at home. Also ways to stay clear minded and healthy. Live this part of your life with joy! you can manage your own day! and now have become the master of your own universe!

Let me know if you work for yourself or if its something that you have thought of ? whats stopping you from taking this plunge?! or if you do work for yourself how do you find it?

Until Next Time
Unscripted & Unapologetic

Monday, 14 December 2015

Anastascia Contour Kit V Seventeen Conquer Kit ( High End V DrugStore)

Anastascia Contour Kit V Seventeen Define & Conquer

So not buying makeup for a few weeks is unheard of for me, no matter how much I try and control the urge I still end up online buying something or another or then browsing the stores and seeing what takes my fancy. Now a lot of makeup products are purchased, by watching youtube recommendations or then blog write ups thats the only way you get to know a product and whether it might suit you or not. Only thing with me is I don't go along with the hype for some reason that makes me switch off I will try the product but only when things have calmed down and I can quietly try it out without feeling the pressure of having to like it because the whole nation has. You get my drift.

So this was the same as the contour kits, now we all know how mad everyone went over contouring once Kim Kardashian had leaked out this is how she looks amazing the craze was unbelievable. Now she may have made it fashionable, but for the makeup novice it was slightly daunting and confusing how to contour come on I can't even draw let alone contour my own face to make it look slimmer, is that even possible! were my thoughts!. Now I realise yes if you practice watch enough tutorials you  might just get the idea slowly. follow

So with that in mind, I thought it better to buy something that contours but that is easy to use and not so expensive hence the Seventeen Kit I bought from a drugstore! and later when I thought I felt a little more adventurous I went on to buy the Anastasia Kit which is much more professional a lot more of a luxury and well just nice to have as part of your makeup. So this blog is about comparing the two products and giving my take on amateur versus the professional !

Seventeen Define Conquer Kit

Firstly the packaging not too big or bulky feels less intimidating for sure. Its quite thin and sleek overall doesn't give a feeling of a drugstore bought kit. Two shades so simple , one is the highlight and the other the contour colour, pretty simple hey! thats what I thought even I can manage this one! So the brightening powder will go under the eyes down the middle of the nose cupids bow and chin, guess what it works! its so impressive thats why I'm writing about it! brighten up the face and works you could be in a rush and you can still manage a slight contour without even adding the nose part in to have a contoured face! The contour is highly pigmented you don't need a lot for the colour to work isn't that great . Theres even a generous amount of product so it won't run out too quick I have had mine for under a year. Its a product that has less frills and fads about it but it does what its meant to do! I would say if you are an amateur in contouring like myself and didn't want to get swept along the hype of the more expensive brands try this it really works. I bought this for £5.99 bargain I would say, and really good for a student or someone who doesn't want to spend too much .

Anastasia Beverly Hills

I do feel rather important and grown up! after having purchased this ! and I really did umm and ahhh about it, I wouldn't say because of the price more so that would I even know what to do with this pallet then I thought What are Youtube tutorials for then. So I guess you can go figure what I have been doing . This product has been talked about reviewed so much that you have to have been hiding to have not heard about it. There was and still is a lot of hype about this product and after a lot of thought and yes even with makeup I do this . I threw caution to the wind and thought right I'm buying it! and so here it is , I hear angels playing the harp in the background lol!

The packaging is sleek and ultra sophisticated I just love it, its very light. There are 6 palettes of colours. First is a powder for the face, second is the banana shade which lightens the face under the eyes and the last one on the top line is the highlighter, below the first two are the contouring colours and the last one is the bronzing shade. Good array of colours I think the amount of product is fine because the colours are very pigmented otherwise I would have said that maybe there could have been more product. Its really all that it is hyped to be, but I still say you need to watch a few tutorials to get the full benefit of the colours, I'm still at the playing around stage but it seems to be working and I'm slowly getting there. The highlight powder is amazing and really brightens the face even if you just use that with the contour colours . The highlight is ultra shiny so for the price its well worth it! I think I will treasure this product for a long while. I am impressed by it. The price for this was £45 and you can purchase this online. 

So my take , if you take a few pictures I would say the Anastasia is more prominent and brightening , it stands out a lot more for sure and so it should its quite pricey. The Seventeen kit is still really good but on picture not as bright but in my eyes perfect for the price and if you are a amateur its a good way to start. Seventeen kit, has less frills just two shades but much more easier to manage. Anastasia has few more shades but you can eventually figure things out the internet is a great thing! 

So in conclusion if you are new to it all or a young student go for the Seventeen Kit it works really does and its a great go to pallet when in a rush, I still use it if I don't have the time to mess around with contouring its easy and less time consuming.

However if you are slightly more of a makeup geek and really want to be more professional with your makeup then the Anastasia kit is the next step for you . Its a lot more to work with , highly pigmented and definitely gives a brightened look on camera.

Hope you enjoyed my review. So do any of you contour? regularly or on special occasions or are you the blusher bronzer kind of girls . Let me know leave your comments below. 

Until Next Time
Unscripted and Unapologetic

Monday, 7 December 2015

My November Favourites

My November Favourites

My Favourite 10 Items 

I haven't actually ever done a monthly favourites. Seen as the Christmas festivity is starting, I thought I would give this a whirl and see what I could come up with. Now it will cover everything from food, Tv, Makeup, Perfume and Clothing. So in no particular order .

  1. Games Of Thrones- Oh yes Mr and I have finally succumbed to the hype that surrounds us all with this Tv Show and finally got down to watching this. It was not a disappointment!, what an amazing show! we started it last month and are already on Season 5 and have pretty much caught up with it all and believe season 6 will be aired on April 2016 cannot wait. Its a great medieval story depicted of different lands kings and general power struggle over the throne hence the title . The knights men, their sword fights, dialogues, love triangles, deception its all brilliant to watch including the bloody fights something for both genders and truly genus programme.
  2. Early Morning Juicing- Told you food would be on the list! My vita-mix has become my best friend again! and my favourite juice at present is the Pineapple, Papaya, Apple, Pear and Spinach with a hint of Ginger. Great alkalising juice mmmmm yum, add water to taste and depending on how thick you want the juice to be. Its a great substitute to breakfast or a spot on for a  mid-morning snack.
  3. Forever ALOe Vera Gel- One shot of this every morning and honestly you will feel the benefits. Luscious hair, good nails, skin glows and digestive track stays in order and is fabulous for joints so a good one for me. I have been taking this for over a month now and can see the benefits why don't you read about it and give it a go.
  4. Mrs FunnyBones-Book by Twinkle Khanna- Its a hilarious belly aching book and those that don't know she is the daughter of Rajesh khanna a bollywood actor during the 60's and married to a famous actor. She seriously knows how to laugh at her self and describe a typical day in the life of a Mum, Wife Daughter and working women . Its funny witty and a must read. Hope she writes more.
  5. Bobbi Brown Berry Punch- This has fast become my favourite colour . Its a bright Deep pinky/purple colour and I love it, its a bright colour that livens up your face. A gloss finish and very moisturising. 
  6. Anastascia Contour Kit- Now the hype on this was phenomenal and I didn't quite get sucked along with it initially but finally thought why don't I try it and see what the hype is all about. I have used it a few times now. Im still getting the hang of it and am obsessively watching tutorials on this and trying to copy it, not exactly succeeding!. However what I can say is that the Banana powder is brilliant and really brings out the light highlighted area well. The contour colours a very pigmented so you don't need too much. The highlight stands out. I think I need to play around it with it more, though initial feelings are its very good and it will last a long time.
  7. Bircher Soft Apple and Raisin Muesli- I just love this and went on a recommendation by a you tuber and never looked back. Yes you can make your own gloppy bircher Muesli but this does the trick and tastes brilliant! just let the milk sit for 5 minutes and the consistency will be lovely. Try it!
  8. White Musk Perfume from BodyShop- This perfume is my classic go to when I want something I know I will love no matter what. I first used this when I was 16! and yes it was affordable and a beautiful fresh musky smell, that lingers so lightly on your clothes. My visit to body shop ended in me buying this perfume and I love it, I get quite nostalgic wearing it. How many of you wear this, I know its quite a favourite.
  9. Orange Digestive- New range so yummy if you are like me and love a good digestive then this does the job! dip it in tea or just take a bite and sip the tea just my favourite desert after dinner one biscuit or Two with tea . Its lovely and I hope they continue this.
  10. Bee Strong Intensive Mask For the Hair-I recently had my hair dyed to a light brown colour, a lot of highlights went in , which meant my hair has become very dry. It is always suggested then when colour like this has been put in with your normal conditioner its good to once a week put in a deep conditioner to really get the hair hydrated the one I picked up was just on an instinct and I have to say it works a treat. I shampoo my hair as normal and leave this in for 10 minutes after really comb it through with your fingers and when you have washed it all it remains so soft and manageable. Worth a try super market or drugstore bought! 
  11. Select Festive Eyeshadow Palette- Love this has such lovely colours especially the red and the gold mixed together with the dark shade just in the corner outer ends. All the colours fit well in the festive season. Put the red lightly all over the eye and the gold placed in the middle blend out the edges and add the shimmery black. Really works on a evening out or christmas do.
  12. Asos Cape- I bought this in September its so lovely and warm. A Polo-neck type of Square cape with a button and open slip detailing not your normal run of the mill Capes, and my favourite for this year!
  13. Youtube channels- I watch a lot but I have some that are fast becoming my favourites, because they inspire me and make me want to be a better person and live outside the box. I watch very inspiring does blogs and videos always inspiring and encouraging. lovely young girls based in Delhi has some great makeup tutorials brilliant talks on controversial topics I love her spirit and aura, one to watch out for! Another lady that I have been addicted to is sheerzade Shroff an ex model who does challenges on youtube, clothing hauls has lots of travelling tips and ideas also does a Got to do India travelling youtube show its brilliant she's got a adventurous streak in her and not your run of the mill girl!. Lastly but not least is she's kick-ass with spiritual topics  or then business ideas and how to stay motivated and has fabulous interviews. She's funny makes sense and charismatic check her out.
So this is my November favourites. What are yours for this month? Maybe you have more festivity in yours?. What foods are you loving? any products that you could recommend to me or what about a good book?

Until Next Week
Unscripted & Unapologetic