Saturday, 19 December 2015

Staying Motivated Whilst Working From Home!

10 Ways To Stay Motivated While Working From Home!

  1. Start the day with gratidue. Know that wherever you are in your creativity, whether thats a new start, challenging yourself to think outside the box or just learning to be more creative, learn to be happy and content to where you are in life. If you start your day with gratitude then I do think the universe aspires to bring more creative juices your way.
  2. Discipline, working for yourself can mean procrastination at the best of times, after all you are the master of your own day. However with your own business big or small, you need discipline, focus and drive, even if its 3/4 hours a day of concentration in the office, getting onotp of admin or ideas and goals that you are thinking of , you need to give it your attention its really important , so that it leaves you organised and no panic sets in . Stay ahead to keep ahead has always been my moto. Do lists, know what your aims are daily and weekly and you can't go wrong!
  3. Take regular breaks, being cooped up indoors means working yes! but also means you may not have stepped outside at all or even spoken to someone, so get some fresh air go to the gym watch a tv programme call up a friend anything, just step away from work to get more clarity and to give yourself that deserved break you need.
  4. Try to eat clean, come on we all know the home office and kitchen are normally close to each other which means snacking at strange hours and just generally not having the discipline to control bad food cravings. Start your day as you mean to go on, breakkie and then good healthy snacks, you will find that afternoon feeling lazy will be few and far between as you have stabilised your sugar levels rather than spiking it and giving it a crash. So come on get your Vitamix out and your Nutribullet and start making those smoothies.
  5. In reference to a property business, I would say keep the propertys from becoming dilapidated. Its not only useful to you , you add value to your property! but you keep your property from deteriorating as well as you will get a lovely tenant in who will hopefully pay their rent on time and not complain if things are not working in the flat. So its a win win. 
  6. Stay calm, its very easy when you are responsible for your own livelihood to sometimes panic when problems occur I would say worst trait to have and if you can work on it, deep breaths mediation all calms the demeanour down. This helps in problem solving gaining clarity and just generally keeping your mind clear to make decisions.
  7. Stick to your rules, even if its a small business don't get influenced by anyone to move your rules according to their convenience its YOUR business keep the ground rules the same it is more professional like, yes sometimes for some reasons you may need flexibility but generally keep the rules standing, you eventually will gain more respect for that.
  8. Network network network, as in keep hold of Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters Painters and Decorators. If you are in the property business then this is a staple could even say a Holy Grail! you will need these people on a regular basis and your loyal plumber or builder could be away or be busy so you need emergency numbers on hand. Keep a book with all these numbers you will need them at 11pm one Sunday night when someone's radiator has burst all across their living room. Oh yes the joys of being a Landlord!
  9. Smile! you have a great opportunity to use your own business to create the life which you want!, utilise this freedom in a productive and positive way. 
  10. Keep your office tidy, honestly helps in finding things when you really need it and being organised in your own business is key! if you can't find anything under the pile of paperwork then no one will.
So there are a few of my tips and tricks to keep you motivated whilst working at home. Also ways to stay clear minded and healthy. Live this part of your life with joy! you can manage your own day! and now have become the master of your own universe!

Let me know if you work for yourself or if its something that you have thought of ? whats stopping you from taking this plunge?! or if you do work for yourself how do you find it?

Until Next Time
Unscripted & Unapologetic

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