Saturday, 28 May 2016

My Pink Lipstick Collection

Pink Lipstick Collection

What can be said about a lady pretty in pink! its the kind of colour thats so playful can suit most women of any skin tone and so much fun can be played with these colours. Depending on the style of makeup also depends on the kind of pink. Some colours can be blue toned,  fuscia style or bubblegum type pink! either which way it all works and is fun.

Below are some of my favourite pinks that I have collected over time. I think more than nudes or Reds my most worn colour is pink, its such an easy colour to put on. If you want a summers day dewy look with simple eye makeup then throw on a pink and it looks subtle and feminine. If its an evening wear a bright deep dark pink or an electric blue toned pink would look amazing. 

The versatility of these colours are great. Formula for each one is unique too. I have to say my all time favourite has to be Pink Plaud By Mac, its a cream sheen formula so hydrating on the lips its so light but bright and goes well in the summer. Its a pretty pink. Would suit all skin tones .  A Smokey eye look or a nude eye look with lots of mascara would look lovely with this shade.

Another one of my favourites has to be Electric Violet by Bobbi Brown, they do the loveliest pinks and this one is bright it has a pop to the colour and stands out! love it for the summer.

If you are looking for a drug store range then the Max factor lipstick in shade English Rose 510 is just such a summery peachy pink subtle yet very pigmented, very glossy and hydrating .

Pinks are a great transitional colour to a red! If you are not too comfortable wearing a bright red start with different shades of Pink , it will make life a lot more easier!

I realised that the love of pink is innate in a Girl and it never changes, I mean remember the Pink Ladies in Grease! So how can you not want to be part of the world of Pink!

Pinks work with neutral makeup so a simple all over eye shadow shade plenty of mascara or then with a smokey eye maybe some false lashes and a pop of pink, if the pink is a dark bright electric pink that can be more of a evening shade but if you are wanting this more for the dewy summer days then the light summery breezy pinks are perfect like Mac Pink Plaud or then Max Factor English

Do you have a Pink or shades of Pink that you Love or prefer is that your transitional colour too? As always Leave me some comments below

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Huda Beauty Eyelashes Review

Huda Beauty Eyelash Review

Beauty is so enjoyable, indulging in it even more ! whether thats lipstick, blusher bronzer or just eye-shadows it can vary according to the mood. 

What about the craze of eyelashes that has just happened in the last 5-7 years! Im sure back in the 80's it would have been frowned upon as in surely thats too much?!, but now the glamorous over dramatic look is the in thing and though like myself we may already have long eyelashes adding a little bit of volume and drama doesn't go a miss! 

The problem I always found was, first the art of sticking the eyelashes on without it looking like I literally have double eyelashes and wonky at that! it was finding the right style to look flattering but not over the top and for them lastly to be comfortable, you should be able to wear them through the night and forget you have them on! I just couldn't get the formula right. Until I started following Hudabeauty and realised her eyelashes look beautiful and she seemed so  comfortable, I thought lets try these! now I know for some, the drugstore range work and are affordable but they didn't for me and if like me you are looking to invest in one or two pairs that you will use once in awhile then paying the 12-15 pounds per pair will be reasonable for you.

Hudabeauty sell their eyelash range online at Cult beauty and their are a number of styles you could indulge in the two that I chose to buy were the Samantha and Giselle style, and boy do I love them! I did go on recommendation from them! and I believe Huda herself likes the Samantha or Giselle they come in this beautiful packaging which is so glamorous , easy to keep the eyelashes stored after use, just to let you know that the adhesive glue is not supplied and I bought the Hypoallergenic from Boots due to my Eczema being sensitive around my eyes and it works great!

The eyelashes are so light weight they literally mould with your own lashes and feel so natural. Each style is different.

Samantha HudaBeauty Eyelashes

So light and fluttery they have the dramatic look without being too over the top they start off short and get longer near the ends I just love them such a understated yet fuller look, it gives volume and definition to already long eyelashes and if yours a slightly shorter then will add a glamorous wow factor and a all ready dramatic look.

As said before easy to apply sets perfectly and you will not even feel that the lashes are on your eyes, so the comfort level is brilliant, which is what sold me with these lashes and obviously the beauty of them too.

Gisele HudaBeauty Eyelashes

Heavy and over dramatic are these lashes! really nice for a night out or dinner, then again if you can work it any of these eyelashes can be worn during the day, you just have to have the confidence! More of a all over fluttery criss-cross  effect along the eye, so an even look across the eyelid! I know that Huda of Huda beauty loves these 2 lashes and thats why I thought well lets try them. This will most certainly give your eye a fuller wider look.

Little mention of the packaging comes in a really durable black box, with the eyelashes attached to the white plastic casing, works really well in keeping the eyelashes preserved, just take them off and set them back on that and back in the box, that way they keep their shape and stay clean. I feel these lashes could be used at least more than 10 times provided you are only using them for short evenings out. 

I bought them from cult beauty retailed at £12-15 per box, definitely worth because of the comfort and durability. Go try them.

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