Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Neerus Lifestyle: Some Things I Have Learnt Turning 40!

Neerus Lifestyle: Some Things I Have Learnt Turning 40!: Happy 40th Birthday To Me! Some Things That I Have Learnt Its ok to be you! no comparisons are needed we are all living lives according ...

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Some Things I Have Learnt Turning 40!

Happy 40th Birthday To Me! Some Things That I Have Learnt

  • Its ok to be you! no comparisons are needed we are all living lives according to what suits us and our decisions 
  • I would like to have told the younger me to try not to sweat the small stuff like 'am i fat?' OR ' will he like me?' ' or  'should I cover my Eczema on a sunny day?' it all eventually works out for you, life has your back. Walk with your head held high
  • Control your diet whilst you are younger its a lot more easy to lose weight, gets harder as you get older! 
  • Keep happy thoughts, they are what will make your habitual habits, so stay optimistic theres always a silver lining in that cloud
  • Meditation is key to staying calm in life, releases  hormones that even lower blood pressure, makes you look at life with a lot more clarity, DO IT.
  • Start travelling sooner, Its the biggest education that has impacted me! I have learnt so much more about history and cultures than I ever would have just reading it from books. It comes to life when you visit the place! Also try and Get guided tours its much more informative that way!
  • Save small amounts of money regularly it will all build up and help when theres a need!
  • Speak up in relationships and don't always show your best foot forward that won't work in your favour at all! show the vulnerabilities it makes more deeper bonds. 
  • Know that death will happen to your loved ones and  stop fretting its the circle of life, treasure the people you love and spend precious moments with them
  • Some relationships just can't be forced let them go! its ok sometimes your paths may cross at a different stage in life or they may not, thats how the universe wants it, we are all passing ships in this thing called life, let some ships go! even if its a family member. 
  • Dont resist life, go with the direction that sometimes life wants to take you, even though it may be a completely different plan you had thought of, its usually the universe telling you it has a better plan!
  • Get yourself that 30 mins exercise it serves you well once you get past 40
  • Its never too late to educate yourself and go back to studying don't get overwhelmed by the age barrier it makes no difference it is but a number.
  • I don't like Chick Flicks and Rom Coms anymore oh yes I much prefer sword fighting or a good old crime thriller, thats a change in me I didn't expect to see, watch out I might just start enjoying Horror films as well!!!!
  • I enjoy clean eating mostly which I never thought I would, my uni days were take outs most days and I was greedy for food
  • Its ok to walk away from Toxic friendships even if they were old people in your life. If it doesn't suit you and gets you down, move on.
  • Try and keep a circle of friends that lift your spirit and are optimistic by nature, this really helps in life, your go to people should always or at least mostly see the silver lining in life, otherwise it zaps you of your upbeat energy
  • Its also ok to add to your close circle of friends I was set in my ways for years and found myself twiddling my thumbs when I wanted to do something, not anymore I plucked up the courage widened my horizons and have met some lovely people along the way. Who I now can most certainly call my Friends.
  • Starting a new venture like this Blog or my channel (yet to post more videos) can be daunting mostly because you worry what people will think, well I kicked that right out of the bag and did all this in my late 30's Im living now so I will do all the things that matter to me and more!
  • Learning to be in the present its a good feel, most of the time we are worrying about yesterday thinking about tomorrow and never really enjoying the present, well I have learnt the art and believe me my present is a lot more sweeter and enjoyable. 
  • Bringing my presence to a friend or person. How annoying is it when you are trying to talk to someone and they seem distracted either with their phone or their mind. Or then whenever you speak they speak over you so your voice just drowns out! well I have learnt to LISTEN and then speak it makes you a good friend considerate, and well conversation flows better and its just being a nicer person when you are really there.
  • I have finally understood the fine art of socialising I think, its better to ask more pertinent questions to someone show interest in their life they will appreciate that!
  • Box sets are a great go to when you literally have nothing to do 
  • Walking Dead changed my taste in Tv Programmes now I'm all about blood gore and gripping story lines. 
  • Pick your battles! don't get into a disagreement about everything know when its not worth it, save your energy. Use it more, where its needed.
  • Don't give a shit about anyones opinions yours is what counts
Heres Just a few Of Things That I have Learnt Along The Way! Have You Anything To Share That Can Be Added To This?

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