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Anastascia Contour Kit V Seventeen Conquer Kit ( High End V DrugStore)

Anastascia Contour Kit V Seventeen Define & Conquer

So not buying makeup for a few weeks is unheard of for me, no matter how much I try and control the urge I still end up online buying something or another or then browsing the stores and seeing what takes my fancy. Now a lot of makeup products are purchased, by watching youtube recommendations or then blog write ups thats the only way you get to know a product and whether it might suit you or not. Only thing with me is I don't go along with the hype for some reason that makes me switch off I will try the product but only when things have calmed down and I can quietly try it out without feeling the pressure of having to like it because the whole nation has. You get my drift.

So this was the same as the contour kits, now we all know how mad everyone went over contouring once Kim Kardashian had leaked out this is how she looks amazing the craze was unbelievable. Now she may have made it fashionable, but for the makeup novice it was slightly daunting and confusing how to contour come on I can't even draw let alone contour my own face to make it look slimmer, is that even possible! were my thoughts!. Now I realise yes if you practice watch enough tutorials you  might just get the idea slowly. follow

So with that in mind, I thought it better to buy something that contours but that is easy to use and not so expensive hence the Seventeen Kit I bought from a drugstore! and later when I thought I felt a little more adventurous I went on to buy the Anastasia Kit which is much more professional a lot more of a luxury and well just nice to have as part of your makeup. So this blog is about comparing the two products and giving my take on amateur versus the professional !

Seventeen Define Conquer Kit

Firstly the packaging not too big or bulky feels less intimidating for sure. Its quite thin and sleek overall doesn't give a feeling of a drugstore bought kit. Two shades so simple , one is the highlight and the other the contour colour, pretty simple hey! thats what I thought even I can manage this one! So the brightening powder will go under the eyes down the middle of the nose cupids bow and chin, guess what it works! its so impressive thats why I'm writing about it! brighten up the face and works you could be in a rush and you can still manage a slight contour without even adding the nose part in to have a contoured face! The contour is highly pigmented you don't need a lot for the colour to work isn't that great . Theres even a generous amount of product so it won't run out too quick I have had mine for under a year. Its a product that has less frills and fads about it but it does what its meant to do! I would say if you are an amateur in contouring like myself and didn't want to get swept along the hype of the more expensive brands try this it really works. I bought this for £5.99 bargain I would say, and really good for a student or someone who doesn't want to spend too much .

Anastasia Beverly Hills

I do feel rather important and grown up! after having purchased this ! and I really did umm and ahhh about it, I wouldn't say because of the price more so that would I even know what to do with this pallet then I thought What are Youtube tutorials for then. So I guess you can go figure what I have been doing . This product has been talked about reviewed so much that you have to have been hiding to have not heard about it. There was and still is a lot of hype about this product and after a lot of thought and yes even with makeup I do this . I threw caution to the wind and thought right I'm buying it! and so here it is , I hear angels playing the harp in the background lol!

The packaging is sleek and ultra sophisticated I just love it, its very light. There are 6 palettes of colours. First is a powder for the face, second is the banana shade which lightens the face under the eyes and the last one on the top line is the highlighter, below the first two are the contouring colours and the last one is the bronzing shade. Good array of colours I think the amount of product is fine because the colours are very pigmented otherwise I would have said that maybe there could have been more product. Its really all that it is hyped to be, but I still say you need to watch a few tutorials to get the full benefit of the colours, I'm still at the playing around stage but it seems to be working and I'm slowly getting there. The highlight powder is amazing and really brightens the face even if you just use that with the contour colours . The highlight is ultra shiny so for the price its well worth it! I think I will treasure this product for a long while. I am impressed by it. The price for this was £45 and you can purchase this online. 

So my take , if you take a few pictures I would say the Anastasia is more prominent and brightening , it stands out a lot more for sure and so it should its quite pricey. The Seventeen kit is still really good but on picture not as bright but in my eyes perfect for the price and if you are a amateur its a good way to start. Seventeen kit, has less frills just two shades but much more easier to manage. Anastasia has few more shades but you can eventually figure things out the internet is a great thing! 

So in conclusion if you are new to it all or a young student go for the Seventeen Kit it works really does and its a great go to pallet when in a rush, I still use it if I don't have the time to mess around with contouring its easy and less time consuming.

However if you are slightly more of a makeup geek and really want to be more professional with your makeup then the Anastasia kit is the next step for you . Its a lot more to work with , highly pigmented and definitely gives a brightened look on camera.

Hope you enjoyed my review. So do any of you contour? regularly or on special occasions or are you the blusher bronzer kind of girls . Let me know leave your comments below. 

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