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December Haul

December Haul

Beauty Blender, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Laura Ashley Candle &
Hour Glass Lip Gloss In Extreme Sheen Icon
Oh dear hear I am again shopping! now this isn't exactly shopping for friends or family nope! this is indulgence for me over the period of Christmas. Just a few little buys that I thought I would share with you that took me by surprise and could possibly fast become my favourite things.

Beauty Blender

Yes I fell for it , but look people have said that this particular blender works a treat for foundation now I haven't tried it yet but I will write a full review on this. Once I have I will write a review on my blog! just let me try it for the month of January 2016 and then we can discuss, however I will let you know this much its made In China its such a genius idea and a simple one at that, I wish I had gone to Lord Sugar with this idea! its a sponge in the shape of a dome or a tear drop , the trick is to get the sponge slightly wet moist in fact and apply your foundation, apparently it really soaks in and keeps the foundation on longer. The shape of it helps to get under the eyes and around the nose, so I have a few tips with this sponge the tricks I will share once I use it .

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Now who hasn't heard of this very famous foundation! you must have even if you are not a makeup junkie or geek like me. The reason why it took me so long to try this foundation was because well lets just say every time I went to the counter to get me colour matched there was either a queue or a disinterested makeup lady so! I finally found someone who sparked my interest colour matched me and I was pretty impressed. My colour match is Tawny and I would say you need a moisturiser or a primer with this foundation its not a dewy glowy look but gives you a full coverage for sure. Good thing with this is you can build on the foundation look. Even one layer covers quite a few blemishes so don't think you need so many layers in order to get a flawless look. To be honest if you are having a good skin day concealer is not even needed . A good one to try out if you are new to foundations its old but gold.

HourGlass-Extreme Sheen Icon

Oh my this lip gloss is phenomenal I love it. I have heard of hour glass again and again! but never of the lip gloss and I don't even know whether they are popular all I know is that its so soft so bright and pigmented it has the WOW factor to it and the sheen to it is brilliant. Its not cheap so has to be a indulgence buy for sure , but a lip gloss that I was bowled over by . After Christian Dior I would say this is now my favourite. This particular colour is a deep classic red perfect for an evening out, it has a glamorous feel to it due to the sheen and its not that sticky but soft against the lips and actually quite hydrating. Couple of things though, as I wore this out of the shop it came off quite easily once applied and does run so will end up on your teeth if you are not careful. So if you going for a burger or popcorn at the movies probably not advisable to go for this colour but a dinner or night out without too much messing around with food and I think its fine for that. Go Buy This! ( Not sponsored by them or anything!) Just love the product.

Laura Ashley Candle By Emma

Candles have not always been my strong point really only in the last few years Do I now love to light a few while having guests over or while watching Tv in the evening. So I'm always on the search for amazing scented candles, you can buy the cheap and cheerful but they don't always have that scent that makes you stop. Now this candle I happened to just take a sniff of and I was mesmerised it was so beautiful  that I followed my friend around the store saying smell this its so good , honestly I'm not great at describing scents and I would say there is something so stunningly seductive even about this smell its like a high end perfume subtle but with a deep fragrance. You have Just got to smell it. 
So anyone live near a Laura Ashley try this candle out. Looks good and smells even better, light it on special occasions and the room will have this stunning smell surrounding your guests.

All the makeup products were purchased in Space NK and we now have this store near us . Lucky me or not so lucky wallet. They have so much choice in one store. Go check out the things and get yourself the store card and build your points.

Let me know what you think of my products and whether you have any comments on any of them or any advice for me. 

I hope you are all having a super time in your holidays and have enjoyed my blog posts for the last 6 months those of you that have continued to read me and follow me thank you! I hope I continue to enjoy this journey and can keep you entertained further more! 

In the new year at some point I will be setting up my own Website Im working on it! and hopefully will be up and running with all my social media attachments there and my channel details so one stop shop for all which will make life a lot easier. All my blog posts will be easy to read and will be put in categories and much easier to find. 

Wish you all a super year ahead. Remember follow your dreams they start off as a thought let that thought and seed become your reality . Don't stop there keep going being vulnerable putting yourself out there thats half the reason why we are here lets grow stretch ourselves and learn new things. 

Until Next Year!
Unscripted & Unapologetic

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