Sunday, 3 January 2016

Starting 2016!

10 Positive Intention For 2016.

Hello all and welcome to the New Year , new beginnings , fresh starts and starting fresh knowing that whatever was left behind is exactly that the thing of the past. Lets move on smile breathe some new life and say excitedly whats next?!

So this blog wasn't really going to happen, like most bloggers and vloggers I thought it a little cliche to write about New Years resolutions and things I want to change or enhance more and then realised why not! Start of the year positive things and intentions can be discussed and hopefully will inspire others to start the year with a positive attitude.

So this post will be about my intentions that I will be setting out for 2016. So lets do this. Images are all linked to some of my intentions and taken from my old blogs. Ibiza my summer holiday of 2015. Youtube get filming!. Read 25 books this year. Socialise more! Picture from Pre-New Years Party!. Table Set for the Friends.

  1. Worry Less- I'm a cancerian and have a tendency of over thinking things over and over again in my mind, fears and worries that will be probably not even happen, so I'm going to put my energy into more positive things that will make my life more productive and enhance my life more.
  2. Be present- how many of us meet friends then end up on our phones tweeting checking FB or snapchatting its too preoccupied our  lives now. No ones actually listening to a friend and the stories that are being shared. I think listening more and being more attentive is key. You might even learn something
  3. Socialise More- seems like a strange one but I can be the type that gets used to my own company or my partners and thinks thats enough, with my reading, work, youtube videos I'm ok, but I strongly feel social interaction is paramount for a healthy mind and its great for your spirit too, to meet laugh and interact, now its not to say I don't have friends far from it, Im just bad at staying in contact. So this Year I'm going to try much more to stay in touch get couples together, meet girls for lunch when possible and enjoy this life and take advantage of working for myself more! 
  4. Start My Youtube Channel- I have had my camera and tripod up for the last few months up but can't seem to get myself into gear to film a video. Self criticism about the funny faces I'm making on video is my problem so need to stop that! and get videoing
  5. Read more- I have set myself a challenge to read 25 books for this year with goodreads, just so that I continue to read and grow with my choices of books . Reading is a good quality to have which I do feel some people have lost due to so many distractions nowadays! I think it widens your intellectual capabilities more.
  6. Blogging- Fine tuning my blogging . Just making sure I keep posting weekly with interesting content and that you all keep appreciating it. 
  7. Gratitude- We can all fall prey to taking life and the good things for granted or even the wonderful people that surround you . So mine is to be thankful for every person that touches my life shows me loyalty makes me smile or teaches me something. Either with a journal or just with my early morning thoughts.
  8. Start mediating properly everyday- I think for someone like me it will change my life. Would make me more calm and give me more clarity when making decisions and make me less stressful . Even if its 10 minutes its a start.
  9. Stop Comparing- There are some things in my life that are missing and perhaps deep down I have wanted them for a long time. I'm also very  spiritual more aware to know that some things will happen in their own time and if they don't the man up their has a different plan. So I need to be content on my own journey and not look left or right. After all this world is full of 7 billion people, I'm more than this earth, universe and this small town I want to compare myself to!
  10. Travel More- Due to my back travelling has been a little tricky however I strongly feel that my back will heal this year and then the worlds our oyster. Maybe Budapest or then Prague sun sea and sand might do Italy Amalfi or Sicily lets see theres a whole world to see!
What intentions have you thought about for this year? Are you able to stick to them ? don't get frustrated though just keep going and try to fulfil things you have thought of , after all we have 12 months to work on it!

Share some of your changes you want to make.

Until Next Week
Unscripted & Unapologetic

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