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Jersey The Channel Islands

Jersey The Channel Islands

RadissonBlu Waterfront Jersey

Its been awhile since I had travelled anywhere or even taken a break and decided  taking a long flight wasn't an option, so where else could I possibly go that gave me that feeling of going away?!... 

People In England forget we have 2 lovely Channel Islands very close to us Guernsey and Jersey, around a 45 minute flight from London . Jersey is run separate from England as in their laws and taxes and working days are different run by a governor appointed by the Queen, yet still independent enough to be separate and make their own rules up. Its such a beautiful Idyllic pristine place, small population of around 81,000 and 28,00 in St Hellier where we stayed. 

Marina At St Hellier

Promenade Near RadisonBlu Waterfront Jersey

A Strong influence of France because Brittany and Normandy is not too far a lot of early Immigration came from there. Germany ruled during the 1930's, independence was granted during the 1940's, so much history and preserved so well. 

The property we stayed at was the Raddison Blu Waterfront which was made on reclaimed Land from the sea! its so beautiful to wake up to the sea and the marina, quiet clean air, being less populated means its very much like a untouched piece of Land, I loved the fact that we could wake up and just sit and be, hearing the quietness of the sea and the slight breeze, I could feel myself slowing down and relaxing .

Our choice was St Hellier though there are other areas where you can stay too like St Aubins which is much more cosmopolitan with restaurants cafes and bars open till late , but we deliberately chose a sleepy town like St Hellier so that we could literally go back in time and relax snooze and eat! and boy did we do all of the above! 

From the hotel , the town centre is literally a stone throw away max 10 minute walk small shops intricate roads very quaint, we had our regular spot for lunch which was a lovely open square cafe offering warm baguettes so scrumptious!, yum and the first few days we actually had sunshine so just to eat and bask in the glory of the sun and talk and do nothing was super! 

Yellow Phone Boxes!

Note to anyone going and staying in this town, restaurants shut kitchen by 10pm and mostly are busy during the period of 7-9.30pm weekends are fully booked few weeks upfront but if you coax the managers they do fit you in! 

Restaurants We Ate At:

  • Wildfire
  • The Square
  • Zephyr
  • Waterfront Restaurant
  • Jaipur Palace
All of the above restaurants were lovely and held their own unique taste and style. I would say Wildfire was my favourite, great ambience lovely Camembert served with a generous salad and dough sticks and amazing desert which was a chocolate fondue with your own choice of dips we chose strawberries course that has to be done! shortbread biscuit and fudge yeah we are on a diet now! 

The Square has just opened so very busy but for lunch you can get a table. Vibrant booth style place with really lovely choices of food and brilliant for Vegetarians . Unique platters tasty Falafels and awesome Salads . 

Also popped into the Museum , did a spot of shopping and generally rested and ate way too much! but isn't that what holidays are for?! did I mention the spa! yes that was also a part of the holiday Indian Head Massage and pedicure! girls got to treat herself!

We also happened to be there during St Patricks Day! the bar in the hotel had lovely live music some cute quotes dotted around the hotel and hats for all to wear! it was really lovely to be a part of all this in Jersey!

St Patricks Day

I would say that travelling to the channel Islands is a must, you can't not , they have their own money but with the Queen as the sovereign the beaches are sandy and beautiful not very commercialised worth seeing if you don't want to go too far! I would say it is so very much a family friendly place too, very safe with lots to do. 

Are you guys going anywhere for Easter? or visiting family ? Let Me know in the comments below Or have any of you been to the Channel Islands ?

I have been a little quiet with my blogs as of late!, Hope to change that! 

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