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Miu Miu Large Framed Cut Off Sun Glasses! Review

Miu Miu Sunglasses

I have a designer sun glasses fetish I guess and every 2 years justify it to myself that now is the time to get another pair. So for this summer I have invested in my first pair of Miu Miu sunglasses, I saw this trend a few months back and loved it, I like the cut off part of the glasses which is the part that sits at the end of your nose, doesn't it look super chic?

Little FYI  sunglasses may look super cool on others but its really important to try on lots of pairs and see what frame and style suits the shape of your face, this particular pair also come in a small frame which I tried on and it didn't suit my round oval shaped face! so the lady kindly suggested the bigger frame! which looked much better on me!

The Sunglasses are 98 per cent UV light protected which is super good, if you want designer glasses make sure you check the UV protection because that is ultimately very important! 

The glasses sit very comfortably I wouldn't say that your nose or ears get any particular discomfort, I know because I have a few pairs and its important you are comfortable. The colour of the shades and the frame and the peripheral vision should be clear . These are super comfy and good coverage around the eye, I did think the cut off part of the glasses could potentially be uncomfortable on the nose! but it actually ended up being perfectly fine.

What makes them so even more special is the packaging . Those of you who don't know Miu Miu is actually the granddaughter of Prada, so she has the girly vibe on fleek! the packaging stole my heart and I have to show you just how special it is and worth the price.

What you actually get is a large pink box that holds the glasses case and within that is another sort of soft pouch which holds the glasses so 3 holders in all . All beautiful and pink. What I love about the large pink box is the gold pattern detailing inside the box its so elegant and chic, the pattern is rather regal looking and good enough as a wall paper even! the pink glasses case is in velvet so feels a lot more plush and the pouch is just so easy to use and durable, good thing its all very girly and fun. What do you think? I love the idea of a super fun case, Miu Miu the brand have got the glasses perfect but have also given the casing a lot of thought which makes the whole experience of buying the glasses a lot more special!

The sunglasses are £191 I purchased them from House of Fraser, though you can get them from a concession store of Miu Miu in Selfridges and Sunglasses Hut on Oxford Street, I would say though sometimes you can get online deals with these but be careful if you order through the post they can sometimes arrive scratched which will be a huge disappointment .

What do you like to indulge in, what is the one thing that you justify its ok to splurge once in awhile?! I know for a lot of women its Handbags, I'm after a Stella MCartney Bag one day I might just go there, until now I'm Happy with this pair of sunglasses.

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. Leave some comments below thats the best part!

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