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Dating Do's and Dont's

Dating Do's & Dont's

We all date at some point or another! whether its an introduction through a friend or meeting someone at a party or event. 21st Century has also now included the online dating as a happening thing or maybe a saturated perspective i don't know, but all i know is that dating is a natural human need the opposite sex needs to meet socialise and attend to their affection and animalistic needs.

So how on earth in this busy life and schedules that people have do we meet , some do it through work, some through friends and lets be real some through online sites. People do have a negative opinion about online dating saying its not safe people don't tell the truth, and yes it varies from site to site and person to person, things have been used and abused , but you will find some sites will take things a little more seriously and vet people that become members.

You might thinking ok you have a lot of knowledge about this all! course I was on this bandwagon for a while, finding someone in your mid 30's is not an easy feat, you have the age against you the biological clock ticking and generally you have the younger butterflies flapping close by , just a little bit of a FYI this is not what I felt I have always loved myself enough to know destiny and life goes the way its meant to don't fight it rather roll with it and make the best out of situations If lemons are thrown at me I'm defiantly the girl who makes lemonade! so dating was a nightmare but so much fun too, I learnt oodles about myself and how resilitant I could be!

So I wanted to share my tips and tricks that I learnt while going through this circus of dating men, and ways to make it less painful!

Heres 10 Tips To Dating

  1. Don't always assume Dinner is the first meet! why does it have to be the awkward long dinner that involves a starter main desert and coffee, phew! come on , on a first date you need to keep it short and sweet, if theres meant to be another date there will be! that you need to make sure when you are on the first date . A coffee or quick drink is suffice! its a good way to know whether theres potential to meet again and not too drawn out that you are calling a girlfriend in the ladies saying get me out of this!. 
  2. Keep the 3rd or 4th date (if its gone to that stage) an activity! for that I mean cinema day out or a walk, picnic, musuems  , spa day something where its not as intense as just talking where you can find a common ground to do something makes it fun and you could to see the lighthearted side of the other person.
  3. Be present, how many times have you gone on a date and the person seems non interested in anything you have to say! can be really annoying . Bring your presence to a date, nowadays thats precious no phone out nothing learn to listen and ask questions the other person will genuinely appreciate that and I just think its respectful.
  4. Go with an open mind, jokes apart! honestly you need to know just as much its taken a lot for you to come out its taken a lot for that other person to make the effort so be personable and open to meeting a new person, every person has a story to tell and something to share so respect it and meet with a smile.
  5. Dress casual, keep makeup if a girl at a more everyday look its more attractive nude colours during the day is better. Jeans are fine to wear dress it up with a top and heels and leather jacket, if you end up with a evening date, otherwise ankle boots top and denim jacket is good too. Don't do the dresses until the 4th or 5th date where its an evening dinner. 
  6. Be yourself, don't try and be something you assume the opposite person wants you to be, how long will you be able to keep that up, yes put your best foot forward as in manners , polite , keen interest in whats being said but other than that be you, theres nothing more attractive than being exactly what the real you is, no frills no farce, being comfortable in your own skin is key that way you will attract the right kind of guy in your life.
  7. Be on time, last thing you want to do is sit there waiting for someone on a first date! 10 minutes due to parking is ok, not anymore than that! Respect each others time!
  8. When you meet for the first time, though it doesn't need to be too deep still ask things that are important to you , its a good way to gage whether theres a chance of meeting again, and remember just like for you the other person is also deciding whether this is right for them so grow a thicker skin and be prepared you may get a no too, its fine tomorrow another day one person loss is someones gain!
  9. Offer to pay! shows a sign of independence, it is nice if the guy treats you! but its also lovely in the 21st century if you offer to pay too, so get up and do it! 
  10. At the end of the first date, make sure you keep something pending so that theres a reason to ask for the persons number or ask them if they want to watch that movie that you suggested, keep it pending so that another date can be put in the diary!

So these are some of the things I learn whilst being on the dating scene, there is an art to it and honestly you learn as you go along you will meet all sorts of interesting to say the least people enjoy it have fun with it, we are all nervous to some extent so sometimes what comes out can be garble thats fine stuff happens. We are all human trying to find that special person you can call your companion just now with so much choice we as good as have confused ourselves so don't let that be you! go with a clear mind be present polite listen and know if nothing else you met someone for an hour or so out of your life who shared some stories with you.

Are you dating at the moment? How are you finding it? Could you share any tips with others? or were you dating and you have given up? please do share in the comments thats the best part of writing the blog

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