Monday, 2 November 2015

Zara Black Necklace Haul & Turning A Light Brunette! #OneItem #LovingThePiece! #6HoursForADye #LoveMyBrunetteDo

Zara Black Chain Necklace Recent Purchase What Do You Think?

Zara-Black Chain Necklace

So this blog for today will be a round up of non work things that have happened, and to be honest aside from nursing my back and browsing through ASOS not a lot happened oh but the biggest thing I turned Brunette . Yeah you guys might be thinking ok she's running out of blog ideas, but here me out. I have thick thick hair! which I know as I get older I have to be more and more grateful for, but look dyeing this mane can be an ordeal I literally need to take a day off for 6 hours or so to get the colour and forget the getting it right part. Read  on and I can take you through the funny episode and the hours of hairdresser time.

Firstly Sundays and browsing can be a dangerous thing! either its ASOS or then its Zara I end up buying something or another. So this necklace just called out to me. I love my statement necklaces on plain tops, its just a great way to dress a outfit up. So this necklace is exactly that! it has the frayed look of a jumper yet its the style of the necklace that took my eye, each tassel like piece hangs off the main circular black chain, there are no other embellishments on this piece or any other colour yet its quite out there.

It fits well and looks better higher up on the collar line and sits right, theres no tangles or twisted bits to this, which those who wear necklaces like this will know it can be quite annoying!. The circular part of the necklace has round beadlike pieces gathered around from which the tassels hang off.

Whats your opinion on this ? have you recently bought any necklaces from Zara?. I know that at the moment the thin simple necklaces are also on trend and layering them up I haven't gone to that side! lol Should I ? 

Going Brunette!

Ok so now that we have covered my lovely necklace and new purchase of the week. Shall we get back to my hair?! I last dyed my hair, last christmas and since then its turned from highlights to a orange ombre look, after many holidays swims and the sun the hair was looking bad but I just couldn't bring myself to get it coloured, I just can't stand the sitting on that chair with about 100 hundred foils under a heater. Theres only so much tea a girl can drink and Facebook, snapchat, twitter and Instagram oh boy it was long!.

I basically decided I still wanted to be light golden brown and didn't want to go back to being dark brown. So I kept saying to the hairdresser blonde thats the colour I want , she bless her kept saying so highlights and then we lift the colour. It took around 1 hour and a half to put the foils in my shoulder length hair I then sat around with that for an hour she then put an in-between colour of dark brown to contrast the blonde highlights I sat with all that in my hair for around 3/4 hours so that it would take and lift! I did some of my work from there paced around talked to the staff and all in all opened the store with the girl and pretty much closed it!

 Once the colour had taken they then went on to tone it .  To be honest it was way too blonde and just didn't look right but at that point and after 6 hours! I Suppose I didn't care lol. I went back to the hairdressers the next day and said gently to the hairdresser it needs to go a shade darker and voila after an hour this is the result and to be honest it was well worth the wait! I love it and think it suits my skin colour. If you want this type of colour ask for highlights with a dark in-between colour and a dark toner it should come out looking a little like this!

What do you think? do you like colouring your hair? or what type of experimenting do you do with your hair?

Let me know in the comments.

Its fun just doing a casual what happened in my week kind of blog. Let me know what you all got upto.

Until Next Week.

Unscripted & Unapologetic

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