Monday, 9 November 2015

Do YouTuber's Have Strong Influence In Society?

YouTuber's Are They Influential?

Since the Internet started some 20 years ago now, I have been fascinated by the speed in which it has advanced from home to home. I just remember being at university and suddenly something called the 'Internet' had surrounded our IT room and everyone was congregated around this one PC to see what the fuss was all about! remember the chat rooms ?! and speaking to random people across the seas and getting fascinated lol or was that just me! ok so we know what I was doing when I should have been studying. 

Accessing information became hot stuff knowing the internet had all answers and if not you could read a article about something or another. Those who took advantage of the .com phenomena are certainly worthy of now sitting as millionaires while the rest still try and make it!

 I think it was 2007 when YouTube really caught my eye and I wish I had at that time taken advantage of this too, just normal young people putting videos out there from the comfort of their own homes, whilst they studied worked or were busy being parents. What a great hobby to have and guess what that hobby started make them money and suddenly they could leave their day jobs and concentrate on completely on their videos, great going hey!

However some peoples opinions are that these up and coming young talent who have made it or then the normal adult who is expressing themselves through their videos is not really doing anything 'proper', but is that really the case?! does this YouTubing world really not have a positive influence in peoples lives, is it just makeup tutorial and clothing hauls?!

I would say that makeup and clothes will remain very popular amongst the masses, its just the way the girls are programmed we love it! however there are so many more ways Youtubers have an impact.

Making people aware of mental anxieties depression that one could suffer from, I know a lot of us can take being young and getting on with things for granted but however there are some out there who clearly struggle with depression anxiety and life for them is hard, isn't it important that we become more aware of things like this and understand it better and perhaps have more empathy surrounding topics like this? so the Youtubers who are putting things out like this  its a good thing they are reaching to millions of homes and teaching and educating the world with real 'stuff'. I just want to give examples of this  and the most successful at present in this Youtubing world they shared their personal experience of anxiety and how it  effects their day to day life and even BeautyCrush or she talks about being shy and perhaps awkward socially and I know thats something I find hard and have worked on for years to try and 'fit' in. She attended a event where there was a  panel and someone asked her the question of how she copes with it all, as in her confidence and shyness , especially when she is going to speak in front of so many people! and she gave some wise tools, take a minute and learn to breathe it calms the mind, perhaps do  Yoga which she does and literally know that everyone here is ok with you .  So you see with just following a few people you get to know that you are not alone with certain problems.If someone whom you are watching shares some tools to help you grow or overcome a certain issue then isn't that a positive influence?! Are we not using the Youtube world in a more productive and influential way.

In addition to other influencers, Tanya Burr even went as far as getting involved in the 2015 Global Citizen To End  Extreme Poverty by 2030 she was sent out to NewYork just a few months back to give a small speech about what she feels would help end poverty and her main goals at the UN convention and that was amongst some of the most influential people in UN. I believe one of her goals was for gender equality which I think is so very important every child should be educated given  equal opportunities.  She has a platform and she used it in a positive manner, now some could say she just does makeup but thats clearly not the case and when they can if it resonates they will get involved in matters that are important.

Youtube has even helped people get involved in internships jobs and generally their careers, what better way to see whether someone has what it takes . Just look at their videos and passion for a subject. Example here could be, she was a student in the netherlands and loved to read and would do lots of short book hauls and generally be excited about books, talk about the stories the characters even as far as the covers of books, she would give room tours of her bookshelves I was in my element watching her videos and she certainly got me into reading classics again , she made it fun and exciting, her way of describing stories is great and Im sure she got me to read books I normaly wouldn't have considered just by her presence on screen for a few minutes. She now currently has just landed a job in Penguin something to do with social media but Im sure her status on youtube helped her. Look at this , book tubers make reading fashionable and we enjoy their recommendations and it may make the younger society that are addicted to tv and laziness to pick up a book and get lost in a escapist world.

What about health and well being, I know that Zuzka Light who was famous for her Bodyrock Youtube videos was such a valuable influence to me in my fitness regime! short hard workouts were her key aims and it worked she would give advice on food diet positive thoughts and she's still out there too Now if she can get people to exercise more be more conscious of their diet and general well being I think in my eyes she is doing an amazing job!

 Mental clarity extremely important, after having discussed Mental health issues above isn't it important we learn to cope with stress better?,  in ages before it was the hunter gatherers era just getting food and shelter was good enough some how I don't think that is relevant in the west to us anymore jobs lifestyles work money its all there to worry about if you let it. Oprah Winfrey has just started her own YouTube channel OWN its the name of her production company. It has daily snippets of tools with different people on how to access life in a more positive and spiritual manner. Its not all just lecture based its funny interactive and a great way to get a message across . Oprah Winfrey is influential anyway but Youtube even she knows has a lot of young followers and different types of audience that she may just be able to reach out to.

This doesn't just go as far as health issues , Doctors, physicians, models, Brands, big celebrities they all can use and share this platform to voice something or educate, inspire and sound off things and I love it! anything can be mis-used and interpreted in a negative manner if you let it. Lets keep the internet safe from children and monitor what they do, but as adults this is wonderful lets all get together and use this in a wise way. So that this vast world where people of different cultures race religion all come together for the thirst of knowledge understanding and wonderment that we are all connected in some way or another.

Is there certain Youtubers You love to watch can you recommend something to me?

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