Monday, 23 November 2015

Being A Landlord

A Day In The Life Of A Landlord

A Day In The Life Of A Landlord!

Who knew when I was studying IT, Psychology and Personal Training, that actually the long standing career that would remain with me would be the Landlord part!. I have been privileged through the last 15 years to be a father daughter duo with immense help from my mother to have built a humble but respectable business, it has given me opportunities that have gone beyond my expectations. The freedom to do things from choice, to have the lovely holidays and to be able to  give back when It felt right. All because being your own boss means exactly that.

Those who work for themselves will surely know this! working for yourself gives you that sense of freedom, if you so desire that day off then you can have it. If you choose today will be an easier day then thats how it will be. BUT and theres a big BUT come rain or shine 365 days of the year you are responsible for your work and in my case properties and the people living in them. Anyone that knows me will say the day I honestly decided to do this with my dad my focus and determination and perseverance has never changed and even while I write this I am taking calls for flats organising viewing talking to agents and generally just multi tasking as I do .

The best part is when you actually make a tenant happy which most of them time can be tricky the tenant landlord relationship is a complicated one. We endeavour to make them happy but Im sure we fall short.

Daily kind of things can be boiler issues, general maintenance , perhaps someone is causing problems or not paying rent, chasing that up and just keeping ontop of emails admin accounts and organising the office at any given opportunity! which during christmas as sad as this is might sound is my favourite pass time! archiving old papers making bundles lol and reorganising the files, oh and did I mention I'm a post it note queen they are stuck everywhere in my office! a girls got to remember her list of things that she needs to do!

Here are some pictures of my office. I know it looks nothing like some of you guys who share your office pictures apparently mine does not have the feng shui feel nor does it have the green plants and white background its a little rough around the edges but works for me. What improvements do you think I could make in my office? maybe change the chair first!!!!!

Office! Where All The Wonderment Happens! 

Little bit of background knowledge my father started this business back in the mid 90's and he did this all on his own and was energetic at 55 was very dedicated and when I came on board I think that gave him further fuel to carry on and more of a incentive . Initially I only collected rent oh it makes me laugh when I look back to the jobs my dad used to give me , but honestly humbles me too. They are the 1st generation of Immigrant who came to London back in the 60's with no real qualifications just a good family background great morals and hard work ethic drummed into them. To have then gone onto making something successful is truly remarkable.

The business has continued to grow one step at a time slowly but surely, and the businesses where you build one brick at a time are usually the ones that stay sustained. It was my pleasure and privilege to be doing this and everyday I remain grateful that I can work locally in the comfort of my home balancing other parts of my life that matter to me.

The pictures that I have shared are of some of the flats where I personally with my mother have designed the kitchens and bathrooms to a high standard and love the appreciation that comes along with it when people have come for viewings. We decided on the new approach to the kitchen rather than tiling on the walls we opted for one block colour of a splash back, oh and how it makes a difference! the fuscia pink is my favourite just brings life to a standard kitchen all appliances are integrated and I think it remains neat and tidy.

Sometimes your goals can be One flat at a time, so recently I renovated well got builders in to convert my one bedroom into a 2 bedroom I did that by converting the loft area its a wonderful space for kids and really looks lovely which means I have added value to my property and also means I can now get better rent. Each flat has potential and that the type of things you think about in business are usually future aims and the ones that are imminent.

A typical day for me starts around 8/9 ! come on I have the liberty lol, I usually check my emails and secretly go on social media , can't be helped. If for example like at present I have some flats that are empty or will be empty soon I arrange viewings make sure adverts are up regularly , that in itself can take time. Taking calls and deciding whether the person who wants to view is right for us usually takes up most time, I am very thorough to the point of annoying probably but you have to be ! Usually the viewings are kept to open house once or twice a day I gather people up together and show the flat can be a busy hour dealing with each individual but I'm a peoples person and I try my best. So thats just one part, other parts to the business are on going admin letters things that need taking care of . I also look at long term goals of the business and where as a family we want to be and what decisions need to be made to make us more financially secure. So its always busy , but you can decide on how busy. My office day varys from day to day but in the mornings you will find me in the office catching up on work, afternoons not so much but if something needs my attention then I'm there.

I hope this little insight into my daily life of work has been of interest to you . If there is other things you might want to know in the future perhaps you could leave me some comments about this and I can look into this in the future.

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