Monday, 5 October 2015

My Weekend In Brighton!

Sunny Brighton!

StrawberryFields B&B In Brighton

I remember the saying a change is as good as rest and thats where this weekend getaway with my girlfriends came about. We all end up in routines where work, family life adult responsibilities can take over. So once in awhile its good to be spontaneous and grab a few close friends and use the initiative and make some plans away from home.

There is something about the sea! thats makes everything calm and peaceful and on this particular weekend it was no exception. It was sunny breezy calm waters, people mingling eating ice-cream, fish and chips and generally just having a innocent chilled time beside the seaside!

I stayed with a friend in a small but beautiful B&B called, I found this cute boutique style hotel whilst researching where to stay on trip advisor its one of the best B&B I have stayed at in a long while! the theme to the B&B any guesses?! lol yes strawberries how cute. As you walk into the B&B there is framed photos of strawberries, the reception is scattered with their own shower gel of Strawberries!, their business cards strawberries.

The Bedroom was even more super cute, just being surrounded  by Strawberry interior is sure to put anyone in a good mood!Now lets see, strawberry alarm clock, cushions, mugs, pillows and shower gel you kind of get the gist! It may seem a little girly to you , but I have to say before the trip had even began this had bought a huge grin to my face! I was in heaven

The B&B was situated not far from the sea or central Brighton so was perfect for walks during the day or then just meandering in the lanes at the cute quirky stores. The B&B like most places in

Brighton is in a townhouse format so reception on one floor rooms on 1-4 floors so if you are wanting something on a lower floor I do suggest you call them and request that in advance.

 Breakfast was not included however we did get complimentary hot/warm croissants with coffee, which was a super cute touch, our bedroom wasn't far from reception so we would nip out in our PJ's grab some coffee run back into the room and jump back into  bed, carry on talking while eating breakfast! perfect right?! I did speak to the manager briefly the day we were checking out and she was happy for me to write about the place and put it in my blog I was so impressed by the B&B it was something I had to  share  with all. You never know you may want to go for a short weekend one day and this is so cute and romantic perfect for a couple, or even friends.

Our trip was from Friday to Sunday which gave us ample time to mix up the day, drinks, shopping, more drinks. Saturday was in New Haven and Sunday my friend and I did the traditional pier walk, went on some rides come on you can't go the sea-side and not go on the carousel or the haunted baby roller coaster! oh was so funny had tears streaming down my eyes thats how bad it was! we had fish and chips by the sea walked back into the lanes bought some present for the family finished it off with some tea at a cute little cake shop and came home happy and fulfilled.

We started off with a great pub lunch! few drinks, a lot of sunshine and laughter. My friend took us to a few shops in Brighton in the Lanes and just a general meander. That day was spent mostly catching up with whats been happening in each others lives! The cocktails kept coming, food at every corner was just the perfect friends weekend!

Our trip wasn't just based in central Brighton, we also went to see a friend who lives in New Haven 20 minute drive from Brighton lovely scenic green costal town where I think people choose to retire, so slightly quieter! . We spent the day with my lovely friend and sat by the sea talked ate good food, did a wonderful country walk at seven sister national park and we were so lucky we had, I am sure, the last of the sunny warm days the weather was just so perfect. My friend is a great cook and a healthy one at that, she was so lovely she cooked us a homemade wild rice vegetables mix before the beautiful walk we took, she is a star! See below how tasty the salad mix looked!

We had a drink in a local pub and the views were spectacular! I am someone that could sit by the sea for hours thinking listening to the waves lap in and out. I do think I need to be near the sea throughout the year! it gives me a sense of calmness and a moment in my hectic life to just be!

Seven Sisters national park is an amazing walk to take so green such clean air and the cliffs and view are breathtaking! I would recommend some good walking shoes, a camera to take amazing pics and water the walk to the end can take maybe an hour!

Our last day at Brighton was the standard thing, the pier, fish and chips, carousel it was such fun! we had proper giggles talked about life our goals what we would like for the future. Such fun.

Best fish and chips ever! you must try it! its on the pier. If the sun is shining you even have the loungers to sit on whilst looking at the sea! and don't forget you can't order this without mushy peas.

Rides were my favourite past time when I was young, so it was so nice to have my friend Sarah with me to laugh at the ridiculous faces we were making and the bad rides we kept going on! sometimes being childlike is so much fun I recommend a daily dose of it to everyone!

Whats the saying oh I do like to be beside the sea-side! well thats for sure the case for me. Great company, cosy B&B, good food and plenty of laughter.

So do any of you take spontaneous trips anywhere or do you like to plan your trips? which works for you better? Sometimes the unplanned events work out to be so much more fun, try it sometime break the routine and just say Yes! watch how much more relaxed and rejuvenated you will feel. 21st Century runs on a fast pace! and its good to slow the pace down and smile.

Until the next time

Lots of Love
Unscripted & Unapologetic