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Afternoon Tea At Capital One Hotel Knightsbridge

Afternoon Tea At Capital One Knightsbridge

Firstly would like to thank my fellow blogger in suggesting this lovely afternoon out. I loved loved loved it. Anyone that knows me , knows how much I love tea and coffee I thoroughly enjoy afternoon teas with the small delicate sandwiches fillings of  cheese and mustard, egg and cress salmon and cream cheese or then Ham and tomatoe, scones with jam and butter, tea given in delicate china cups and saucers with lose tea! oh what a privilege to experience what Anna the 7th duchess of Bedford 1840  had started as a mere way of stopping the afternoon hunger pangs before dinner, bravo my lady it has continued as a royal tradition.

The quiet little traditional hotel was set aside from the hustle and bustle of Knightsbridge and harrods, I felt like a princess when I arrived in my taxi and the doorman stepped towards the car lifted his hat and said ' afternoon ma'am' opened my car door ushered me into the hotel, I was very impressed by that all!. The staff were friendly helpful and polite. The hotel had a very English Victorian feel and theme to it, it was as if I had been transported to a different era, I felt like I was in a episode of How We Used To Live!

I met a lovely group of ladies that afternoon, lingering over hot cups of tea and lots of interesting talk we enjoyed the delicate sandwiches, various pastries and cakes. The scones were actually bought out hot with fresh jam and a thick dollop of fresh cream it was just scrumptious! I chose to drink English breakfast tea and my friends chose the hot nettle tea which you can see in the picture was presented in a transparent tea-pot it looked interesting the way they served it. My favourite savoury treat was the salmon and cream cheese crumpet it was just mouth watering and I have taken a close picture of the presentation!

There were two tiers of cakes and sweet treats! cheesecake, wafer biscuit, lemon meringue, a slice of strawberry cake.

 What I love about afternoon tea is the regal feel to it and the delicate food that is presented in such a royal manner  you really do feel like a queen! Its my favourite way to spend an afternoon. I have taken my mum on many mothers day afternoon teas and my fondest memory is Harrods they actually have a pianist playing whilst you eat and re-fills are standard you can also ask for your own choice of sandwiches! if you have a chance to pamper yourself Harrods is lovely and affordable.

However coming back to Capital One Knightsbridge afternoon tea, it was £26 per head which I think is very reasonable included all food on the tier plus the scones that come out seperate with any choice of coffee or tea. The hotel itself is tucked away in a quiet spot just off harrods itself and what I love about this is step left and its like you have gone back in time, where I imagine horse and carriages trotting along on the streets no cars in sight ladies with long billowing dresses and tight corsets synching in their waists ! cut to NOW and take a right and there you have loud and proud harrods with so many cultures swarming around outside inside shopping eating talking and just a general feel of hustle and bustle! I loved the location and definatly has become one of my firm favourites! you must check it out!

I think the sweet treats could be cut down to one tier and maybe the sandwiches could fill the bottom and middle tier, that would have been more sufficient but I'm not complaining of having a sugar rush!

Its also nice to dress up, I wore fitted jeans from Debenhams My black peep toes heels from Dune and a lovely black top bought in by a gold belt a  red aztec style necklace from top shop (few years old now) and my Michael Korrs  long black shoulder bag.

 Do any of you like to go to afternoon teas? If so which one is your favourite? whats the best part of a afternoon tea? sandwiches or the scones! or the dressing up

I hope you enjoyed this short  sweet account of my afternoon out with some friends, do check this place out if you get a chance, I think you may just be surprised with the location.

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