Friday, 18 September 2015

My 5 Most Glittery Shimmery Lip Glosses

My 5 Most Glittery Shimmery Lip glosses:

Chanel Rouge Allure No19 Pirate, Dior Addict No 686, L'oreal Glam Shine No 101 Pink Moon, Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss No13 Pink Sequin, Tanya Burr Heart Skipped A Beat!

What girl doesn't like a bit of shimmer on her lips! It literally makes the outfit. Keeping your makeup minimal, add a winged eyeliner,  lip gloss of your choice and I am certain that right there, is a winners look!

I have a few drugstore lip glosses and a few high end, the way I usually know if a lip gloss will end up in my favourites list is if it doesn't stick too much, as in a windy day and your hair is stuck to your lips! to a shiny shimmery gloss that feels more natural than sticky. 

I like the shimmer to really shimmer, it has to be knockout shimmer, did I just mention shimmer a hundred times!  or then at least have a decent shine to it. So lets go through my top 5 favourite glosses.

L'oreal Glam Shine No 101 Pink Moon

L'oreal Glam Shine 101 Pink Moon 

Wow what can I say this by far is my favourite lip gloss and so reasonably priced, I have to admit the first time I tried this was only because I saw Cheryl Cole wear it and was convinced if she is wearing it , it had to be good and it certainly lived by its reputation! Its so shimmery and vibrant just a dab of it goes a long way! there is another colour I like in this which is a Plum shade, however this one has remained one of my favourites for a few years now. Its the third one in the swatch picture and I don't think it gives it justice, but if you are trying a shimmer for the first time with a little razzle dazzle then try this, its drug store range so will not pinch the pocket. This lip look goes great with a smokey eye in the evening, or then light makeup, maybe just eyeliner with no eyeshadow with this gloss works a treat. Also this can be added to a lipstick , little bit of mixing colours is ok and it adds that shine which makes the look so much more glamorous!

Dior Addict No 686

Dior Addict 686

I have been using Dior lip glosses for years now, this was my indulgence during my University years! I kid you not I was the one who always wore Dior gloss, my friends would take the mic that all my Student grant probably went on that! they were probably right! Its high end no doubt and well worth the money, it can be worn throughout the day and is not heavy on the lips or too sticky its light yet gives the shimmer that someone like me desires, its my firm go to and I always have a Dior lipgloss to hand. I could rave on about this for ages and end up repeating myself but if you are looking to pamper yourself then purchase this type of gloss and choose the colour that best suits your skin tone. 

Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Gloss-Pink Sequin no 13

Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Gloss in 13 Pink Sequin

 I am a lip gloss lover I do purchase most brands and give them a go at least once!  but I have to say Im a little disappointed with this Bobbi Brown gloss. Firstly its very sticky so yes on the windy day you end up with hair stuck to your face whilst talking to someone! annoying and the shine is not as bright as I would expect it to be especially when its the high shimmer range!  I have too many high shimmer glosses to compare it to, even the drug store range do the word 'high shimmer more justice'!, sorry Bobbi Brown I love your products including your lipsticks but the gloss not my favourite. A good one to put on-top of lipstick will give you a clean sheen, but don't expect shimmer or high gloss at all!

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss No19 in Pirate

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss No 19

I had never really tried a Chanel lip gloss before, and I am sure that I bought this last year when it was a new colour and range! I haven't worn it too much but its a deep bright red colour with a little bit of shine, more than the gloss aspect I like the colour of the red and have to admit this is the only red that I have in gloss all my reds mostly are matt. So its a likeable colour the packaging is super cute. Its a touch and push gloss so very glamours worth the buy just for that reason! The colour obviously is great for evening wear! keep the eyes simple the colour on the lips will add the glamour and speak for itself. Not the best shimmer but a colour I love.

Tanya Burr-Heart Skipped A Beat!

Tanya Burr- Heart Skipped A Beat!
Oh I just love Tanya Burr so you just have to love her products. The pigmentation on these glosses is lovely really stains your lips its a shiny sheen type of gloss and perfect to add ontop of a lipstick. I love the factor that you don't have to reapply the gloss because the colour stain has gone from your lips, you almost only re-touch if you are wanting to add more shine to your lips. Worth a try there are lots of pastel colours to choose from and some deep colours nice for Autumn.

As girls we are so very lucky that we can experiment with so many different colours so much fun! shimmer no shimmer, gloss or matt, light pastel colours or  deep autumn colours. Lets play around and have fun with it!

So there you have it! my take on some of my favourite and some not so favourite glosses, I hope this is interesting to read and helps anyone that is looking to purchase their first set of lip glosses. Give me an idea on what your favourite range or brand is, could you recommend me something?

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