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Hot Berry, Berry Punch13, Cosmic Raspberry3, Wine25, Heart13, Lip Pencil Sangria

I have a huge collection of Bobbi Brown products and I do think one of the reasons why that is , is because its the only shop really close to me that does the more branded makeup rather than drugstore bought. There is a blessing in this I was propelled to look more into the Bobbi Brown products and fast became a fan! Though honestly I think the glosses could be better as mentioned in one of my previous blogs!

What I love about their lipsticks they have lots of similar colours but some will be in matt some metallic and some just glossy I love that about them. You can get the shade more than one time in a different consistency and it gives a complete different take on the lipstick altogether as you will see with my pink shades.

Hot Berry

Its exactly just that! its a siren stand out there pink with a metallic sheen to it and I love this lipstick for a night out. Its a bright pink with a red undertone its awesome and the metallic part of it makes it unusual , how can i explain it, its a little like the sheen our mothers used to wear and most of us kids growing up ran from those colours and always went for Matt BUT I have to say they were onto something honestly it gives a glamorous feel to it . 

Berry Punch

A great colour its a little more of a pink pink, I would say its more toned down though my picture with its lighting speaks a different story I assure you it is less of a  out there a proper pink  still with sheen , but a lovely colour. This colour goes really nice with smokey eyes or neutral eyes with a winged eyeliner. 


Cosmic Raspberry

This is a luscious colour thats the first word that came to my mind! its creamy not drying a deep real pink still glossy and more on the bright side, I love the word Cosmic what a fabulous idea first the name caught my attention then I looked at the colour and thought, yeah I have way too many Pinks but I am adding this to my collection! watch out other pinks! lol cosmic coming your way! this is a speak for itself kind of colour you don't have to confuse yourself with the other makeup on your face do a little foundation little blusher  oh yes you will look fantastic.


This is my new purchase and I love love love it, its my Autumn colour collection, its deep rich burgundy maroon, leaning on brown  its startling but brilliant! with the lip pencil Sangria its a show stopper. Its really perfect on a winters day or night all wrapped up with this colour, out on a Xmas party its just a cosy warm deep colour and I think everyone should have this for this Autumn Winter time.

Heart 13

I have had this in one of my earlier blogs as a red I love! its consistency is perfect it has stay on power and its close on par with Ruby Woo of Mac I love my Bright confident WOW reds and this is firmly in my favourite list! it just speaks for itself and you don't need to dress up or down to stick this on and ooze confidence this is when ladies should have fun with their colours its a fun lets go and party colour  Go on try it!

I hope you enjoy this weeks post! its just a quick post on some of my collection of Lipsticks with  with Bobbi Brown . Maybe some of you can share your favourite lipsticks from Bobbi brown with 

Until Next Week

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