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Primark/ H&M/ Dune/ Clarks/ River Island/Topshop/Moda In Pelle- Haul

Clothes, Jewellery, Shoes & Handbags! Phew

Skirt-H&M, Vest Top-TopShop, Floral Shorts-Primark

 No matter how much I say to myself I still end up shopping and buying new things. I don't think I have ever followed the trend as such but whats in the shops I will most defiantly check out and if it works for me and my body shape then ill purchase it.

Since my Slip disc i have not been able to exercise as much as I would like to,  so in essence I have gained some weight . I have had to start a new wardrobe excepting my new size embracing it and loving the new creativity I am finding that is within me!

So here is a mix haul of some items that I have purchased over the months from various high street shops see what you think, maybe you have purchased something similar ? let me know and put your comments to how i could best accessorise  these items.

First item that I have been searching for was a Leather Jacket , never been able to find one that suits me fits me well and is not too heavy as a jacket until i walked into Primark ! who would have thought. This biker jacket is extremely  light and thats the first thing that struck me secondly it has enough detailing to make it a leather jacket but at the same time its not over embellished. It has pockets that have zip detailing and thats pretty much it , it fits well with my body and I was very happy with my purchase.

Leather Jacket-Primark
Now anyone that knows me , they know that I love my denim jacket its so versatile that I dress it with anything and I honestly feel that it works , so this next clothing purchase I picked up from Primark was a Denim Waistcoat its so soft and lightweight and goes great with a white tshirt and jeans or then leggings long shirt or even a skirt with a vest tucked in and wait for it even a maxi dress and I have seen some ladies rocking it! . Its denim so it never really goes out of fashion I like the 80's feel that it has to it. What do you think? Like it ?

Denim Waistocat- Primark

Second few items were my favourite summer buy and were worn on 2 of my holidays that I taken so far Santorini Greece and Ibiza Spain,  these aztec print shorts only £4 bargain buy! they went with everything any plain vest or detailed top flip flops sandals dress them  up or down either way light clothes to pack pretty and complimentary on the figure. I got them in a few aztec prints and they were a compete hit on my holiday in Ibiza!

Aztec Print Shorts-Primark
Top Shop Black Vest/ Aztec print Shorts- Ibiza Spain 2015

Also you may have noticed in the first picture the blue aztec print skirt, this was bought in H&M I do think that it has been popular as I have seen some women wear the top with the same print . I loved the print to this and have worn this on holiday with a vest tucked in and some wedge heels its a lovely outfit  very bright and colourful.
Aztec Print Skirt-Primark

Second staple item I bought for my wardrobe was a black loose fitted vest top which i had been again searching for , this can go with denim shorts, fitted jeans and even skirts big statement necklace, red lips, clutch bag, with the leather jacket and right there you have an outfit for a casual evening out.

Black Vest Top- Top Shop

In addition to all this I also purchased some big chunky necklaces. I love this as a statement piece and  I know that a few years back this was very much in. Remember Gok Kwan and his mobile trailer he went around  the UK and all I can recall is him dressing some of the ladies in fitted jeans, tailored jacked, with a belt over it to cinch in the waist and a statement necklace and I am still very fond of that, its my go to when things are not working in the wardrobe. Anyway I have digressed enough, so going back to the necklaces one was bought in River Island which is the gold snake like circular necklace, which i tried in silver too but the gold had a different charm completely . It is so statement like honestly with a plain top it just makes the outfit. Whats interesting about this necklace is that even on the tightest notch it still fits loose and more like a circular collar style , so a lower neck top works better with this, that way the necklace can be seen properly.

Snake Like Circular Necklace-River Island

The other piece is from H & M is so different and reminds me of the Egyptian era, I have worn this with a Sari those of you not familiar with this its a long piece of cloth draped around our body its a very sexy piece of attire in the Indian wear. So I wore this necklace with a plain sari and it was just POW that is a word isn't it ?! lol it works with ethnic clothing and English wear its so different that I am so glad I bought this. Bearing in mind that the neckline would look better higher so that the necklace can speak for itself, less detail on the clothing the better.

Egyptian Type Long Necklace- H&M

Last few items are shoes, and yes there is a trend with them all. They are similarly styled open peep toe sandals. I just love them and happen to buy these over a period of a month from 3 different shops! what I love about them is how comfortable they are to wear , yet so feminine and they dress up a outfit so nicely whether its a dress skirt or jeans . The Black peep toes were bought from Dune and they also had them in cream but i much preferred this colour, very versatile will literally go with everything! the little wow factor to these are the heels, dimante style embellishments just on the heel,   how dazzling of them!  the cream peep toe are from Clarks and yes they do pretty shoes too, they are cream overlay and inside there is a little pop of pink and the heel is gold so pretty and feminine.

Black Peep Toe Dimante Sandal-Dune

Small Wedge Peep Toe Sandal-Clarks

The Last shoe very similar! to the above is my bargain buy of £22. From Moda In Pelle. Again the peep toe style sandal, just so much more comfortable for me! This is bright pink and glittery perfect for an evening out or even if you want to dress from casual to evening wear I do think you can get away with wearing these with a pair of jeans vest top and jacket . I just love them and know I will get a lot of wear from them.

Pink Peep Toe Dimante Style Sandal-Moda in Pelle
What do you think of these type of sandals would it be something you would wear? how about the other clothes I know that I have seen a few ladies wear the Aztec Blue skirt and a similar top so it must be popular. I would love to know your thoughts on how further these items could be worn.

Also my last note to add to this, clothes are a great way to express your individual style , you don't really have to follow any particular fashion or trend . Its what fits you well and your body shape as well as what makes you smile and feel conformable in. So never feel pressurised with what the magazines are showing or what the catwalk models are displaying. Be your own beautiful and work that!

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