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Being A Graduate Of Eczema

Being A Graduate Of  Eczema

Now lets get one thing straight I in no means want to make this a victimised post! I'm too Kick ass and loving life to ever do that! This is going to be a funny real and humorous take on having something that can be debilitating if you let it be.

So I want this to inspire anyone that either has Eczema or something that hinders there day to day activity to know that this that makes you different is what creates that certain special-ness in someone that no one else will ever be able to emulate so enjoy that different and embrace it celebrate it . 

So I have had this condition that now is like my best friend since the age of 5! I was a cute bonny lass curly black hair fair skin big eyes and cheeky as anything! . My mother always recalled that she can't even remember when the itch episodes started happening but all she remembers is me crying and my skin reddening, I suppose you could say that was the start to a lot of doctors visits, emotional turmoil and generally feeling like I don't quite fit in!

Course skipping to a few years on and after many specialist appointments and Indian home made remedies trips, to homeopaths, allopaths, ayuvedic, and even Chinese herbal medicine, finally the approach became to let my skin breathe, to keep me in a happy environment apply the steroid creams as and when it became necessary and see what route my skin takes! Which honestly by that time I took a sigh of a relief that my parents had finally stopped and realised I needed a break. I just wanted to be normal. To play with my friends, to read, to listen to music, to got to the cinema, eat pizza and mime to my favourite Jason Donovan songs! come on I was 14 :)

So you see when you have it at such a young age the decisions for your health are of course taken by your guardians or parents. They mean well and want you to be fit and healthy but sometimes it can be more damaging then good. But thats ok because the intention is pure and thats all that matters.

So we should we see what a day in life of NeerusLifeStyle looks like?

Day 1 9-10am
shower , creams, more creams , eat breakfast, check emails all social media platforms. Check what needs doing in business ( which by the way is real estate) I need to do at least 3/4 hours of admin most days to stay ontop of whats happening . If I have properties empty then I'm busy throughout getting them renovated advertised marketed and rented. Did I mention that in between all this I do my blog which to be honest is my escapism into my world and my voice, so I love it.

Adding Creams 

Normally have a smoothie or green juice at least a litre or slightly less. I do this religiously to boost my immune system to stop infected skin episodes. Usually carry on with work things or blog stuff and catch up on some Youtube videos.

Adding Creams

I will go for my brisk walk or either a 40 minute swim! perks of working for yourself you can take time out to do that. Grab some lunch after , either with a friend or then I go home and toss something together today I'm having a egg salad with potatoes.

Adding Creams

I might read a little, have some afternoon snack of some dates with almond butter or then rice cakes with cheese mmmm Yum thanks for this idea.

Adding Creams

Normally try to get dinner ready for other half and myself. Might go for another 30 minute walk. Catch up with a friend on the phone whilst walking usually someone abroad because the time difference makes sense.

Adding Creams

Catch up with other half. Chat and eat dinner. Normally try and control the urge for desert but if I do succumb to it then it has to be one small piece of chocolate or something with a good cuppa tea.

Adding Creams

catch up on some tv series that we may be watching together at the moment its Indian Summers. Bit more of a chit chat and lights off really. I am usually sneaking a few youtube videos on my iPad with my headphones on! addict I know

You might be thinking ok so whats with the add creams scenario , well look my whole aim to this blog was to not emphasise how tough it is but to show you that though my regime is intense and always has been I relatively live a normal life whilst I add my creams you can see I have given you an average weekday routine of mine and sometimes I even fit more in!

We all watch so many Youtubers night time routines, morning routines and even their skin care routines and the products people use. If you have an extra situation that needs to be tended to it is so manageable. In life its your attitude to things that matters. If you feel I'm the victim, why me, or this isn't fair then that is how the universe god the ultimate one whoever you believe in will make your life as. You need to be a survivor someone who is grateful for things celebrates life and the choices we have been given. Yes in the amidst of all that there are specialist appointments and treatments that need to be changed perhaps a few episodes of infections even but don't let it get you down. Ladies and Gentleman its the struggles in life the twists and turns that shape your character. When you start believing in miracles and start living from a place of love rather than fear. You will love life just as much as I do regardless of the hurdles or how high you have to jump over them.

Nevertheless I will give some tips on how to best manage Eczema so if anything resonates with you and if you have a family member or friend that has this how do they manage ? what have you noticed being a friend to them? or maybe you are a graduate tell me your story and lets connect.

Night Time Itching

Its the hardest one, lack of sleep effects you the next day, however to ease the episodes which will happen at night heres some ideas:

1. Lather some creams where it itches bearing in mind the jar should be in the fridge the cooling effect will help
2. Eyes burning feeling itchy I repeat don't itch them , eye infections due to itching are not pleasant, simple remedy splash cold water on them or cotton wool soak it in boiled water and put over your eye
3. divert your mind put the lamp on ( yeah the partners suffer alongside you!) and read watch something just take your mind off it
4. Tire yourself during the day so much that you are too tired to itch at night! ( My Strategy) 
5. Don't use your nails try to stroke the itch away! I know thats hard or put a ice cold pack on the area. Nails will break the skin open and then infection can set in , we need to avoid that at all cost.

On Holiday By The Pool

On holiday getting sun for some  helps for some it doesn't , nevertheless you still need to be more attentive to your skin

1. Keep suncream on at all times , I use the Nivea 50 factor you need to because if you are a Eczema sufferer your skin will be a lot more thinner due to the flare episodes so the harmful rays and burning episodes are much more likely
2. sit under an umbrella and defiantly keep your face covered so wear a hat
3. Once coming out of the pool, skin will start getting itchy irritated so straight up either have your emollient close by or then use the Nivea sunscreen as a cream and lather. Look I have done it , may look strange but who cares its your holiday
4. Wear loose fitting shorts or skirts, allow the skin to breathe and enjoy the vitamin D it is being exposed to in small amounts.

Having A Stress-Ful Day

This is probably the hardest one, as adults who doesn't have things going on that can cause stress or anxiety. How I cope, and how I have learnt to manage my stress. 

1. Firstly Breathe so whether you want to call that meditation or just deep breathing start the day with 10 minutes of full breathing, try to think of all the things that your are greaful for and give yourself positive affirmations whilst you at it. Twitter can hold for the moment!
2. Whatever your stresses of the day are maybe its kids or work or just your thoughts take time out STOP and breathe and relax yourself, those of you who know what its like to scratch we will do it whilst we are thinking, in a rush, happy, sad, you name it , we find a reason!
3. Think happy thoughts, it helps honestly, make it a choice
4. Keep positive people in your life that support you and cheer you on in your lives decisions
5. Be grateful more.

At A Wedding Or Function

This is the one time a girl wants to look her best, but alas if you have sore skin that day or are having some chronic itch episode it can be quite upsetting and frustrating, here are some things that help:

1. Breathe take a moment 
2. Tell a family member so that they can be aware and help perhaps just diverting your mind 
3. get some fresh air cooling air against the skin helps
4. Make sure you are carrying your creams, just put some on and observe the world while you wait for it to dry
5. Very important in fact try and wear clothes even formal wear little loose fitting with less embellishments that will touch your skin it all helps in keeping you comfortable on a long function day
6. Smile think happy positive thoughts and be greaful it works and helps to ease the mind
7. Don't let your mind go the why me route?! it doesn't help. You have to make the best of a situation that you have been given in life.
8. Remember this type of struggle only cultivates kindness and compassion in you and we know how much the world is needing that right now!

So you see , its ok theres a million and one scenarios that I could speak of and how to cope, ultimately its your attitude towards it that will help. Ask for help don't hesitate , even if that means moral support its ok to ask. Friends and family that care will understand and if they don't , they are not worth your time in the first place.

Take life steady give yourself enough sleep, eat nourishing food, surround yourself with the right sort of people and keep busy love life enough to keep challenging yourself . Life loves you , you just got to love yourself enough

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