Monday, 7 September 2015

Liebester Award Nomination!

Liebester Award Nomination!

Firstly never been smart enough to ever get an award let alone be nominated, and no matter how big or small this means so much to me so thank you\2015 for the nomination you are a doll.

So Here Are 10 Answers To Your Lovely Questions

My Hobbies:
I love to read any genre aside from science fiction! watching youtube videos and eating italian food its my favourite! gorging on Pasta with garlic bread is self indulgent for me. :). Did i mention watching tv in my Pj's and going into boots and surrounding myself with makeup

3 Handbag Essentials
Small bottle of Water
Lip Gloss- a girl needs her shine 
A book , if I'm stuck anywhere I need to know that I have some reading material oh and my handbag has to fit a book!

Ride Or Die Product
My creams obivously
E45/Cetraben/Aquamax :)

Favourite Perfume
Joe Malone-English Pear and Freescia

Favourite Things To Do In Autumn
Wearing Warmer Clothes
Drinking Hot Chocolate
Wearing Warmer Shades in lip colour and nail polish
Drawing the curtains earlier 

Goals For Next Year
Make my blog more successful, meet more bloggers and attend more events
Read more
Meditate consistently
Stop worrying what people think
Travel to Dubai

Favourite Clothing or Favourite Brand
Brand- Diane Von Furstenberg, I love her wrap around dresses still they work so well with a curvier fuller figure which I have! and I loved the show she seemed so kind warm but driven and focused
Shop- River Island and Warehouse, they have clothes for the slightly larger women nice flawy fun tops that still look chic

DrugStore Makeup Brand
Has to be Rimmel I love their wake me up foundation and concealer 

One Place I have To Visit
Australia- its far but one time I would like to see what the people are like the culture and their way of life, and who doesn't want to see the Sydney Opera House or Bonsai Beach!

Favourite Film
Holiday- it is my favourite film during winter at least but I just love the cosy feel to the film and the romances, how they blossom and also the LA plus London swap that they show.
Stars- Cameron Diaz
Jude Law
Kate Winslet

I hope this answered your questions Lizzy Grace!

So here are my nominations for other bloggers they need to be people who have below 200 followers I will nominate you and ask you to answer my 10 Questions , kindly add my link to my blog when you answer the question and nominate a further 10 people with new set of questions. I can't be nominated again.

10 Question For Fellow Bloggers

Best thing about blogging?
Favourite book you are reading currently?
Which makeup brand do you like high end or drugstore?
Which item in your wardrobe can you not live without?
What 2 items is an essential in your clutch bag on a night out?
5 Favourite things you do during Xmas?
Most important person in your life?
How do you keep motivated with your blog
Favourite you tuber and why
Which subject did you love at school and why?

I hope this has been informative and fun! Would love to hear other people answer these questions doesn't just have to be fellow bloggers. Get writing and let me know your thoughts

Until then keep loving and smiling

Lots of Love
Unscripted and Unapologetic