Monday, 17 August 2015

Manish Arora Who?

Manish Arora

Anyone heard of him? No thats what I thought . Its a short blog but I found this so interesting and rather unique and had to take pictures and share with you all.

This collection is so far out there but so enticing that I had to stop look share take pictures and all in all say bravo to the designer I thought Moschino had it going on when i shared on a previous blog the leather jacket, which was a  small bag and then this took my eye and i was like wow oh my this is so cool so edgy I want one, when I have saved enough!, come on when you see these handbags you will also think 'different!' right?! Who else likes things that are innovative different and against the norm? personally I love someone that can do that, isn't that when trends change or fashion statements pieces materialise.

So as you can see slightly quirky dark and weird,  walking into a party with this slung over your shoulder you know this will start a conversation about 'where did you get this from?' . I did open the zip as you can see and there was quite a bit of storage space i loved the detailing , the colours the use of fabrics, slightly dark but fun!

Whats your opinion on these bags? would you wear these anywhere, would you except this as a birthday gift or pass them on to another friend lol

I would love to pick the designers mind and find out where his idea came from and whether he has gifted these to any of his relatives and friends :) 

Sometimes Blogs have to be fun and this is what this one is for sure! I love that i have a platform to share new and wonderful things that happen in NeerusLifeStyle, it is so Unscripted .

Until Next Week

Lots of Love
Unapologetic & Unscripted From My Heart

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