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Foundations! Which One?!


How many of us actually know which foundation to use, which one actually suits and how much coverage one should have. Theres just too much out there now, walk into Selfridges of Oxford Street and you feel like you have walked into a Casino in Las Vegas with the bright lights people swarming everywhere it can be a little daunting but exhilarating as well!

I have to say that certain you tubers have helped me to di-sect and decipher which foundation best suits me and to play around with it all.

To name a few! So here are my top 5 foundations that i have found work for me , give different types of coverage work well with my face and good for any season.

Wake Me Up Rimmal Beige

Lets start with the no fuss no nonsense wake me up Foundation, its drug store bought affordable  , covers all blemishes, gives a full coverage and reminds me a little of Nars Sheer Glow but its a thicker base so you don't need too much. I find this is perfect for everyday wear! you don't need to moisturise your face before hand as this already is moisturising in itself. I usually just pump a little on the back of my hand to warm it up a little and then apply with my fingers . My go to on most days.

Nars Sheer Glow i was introduced to this whilst watching Tanya Burr and to be honest its my next go to foundation, when I'm going out or on holiday this is the perfect foundation to go for. Its a great foundation to build on , if you want a light coverage just one layer is good enough it leaves a beautiful dewy finish . You can build up coverage wise to whatever you are comfortable with . i love applying this with a real techniques brush it blends in well and is another foundation where you don't really need a moisturiser before hand, this consistency is creamy and dewy enough. price range is middle so will not break your piggy bank!

Now what can i say about this! it is near perfection to the finish it leaves you with. I came across this brand whilst meandering the isles of Selfridges and i was taken aback by their eyeshadows and lip colours not really even thinking about a foundation, but once a customer service person comes up to you and suggests a trial who am i honestly to say no! i have a lot of red pigmentation in my cheeks so i explained that and she tried on a yellow based foundation which tones down the redness and is a much thicker and fuller coverage. It left my skin flawless , its a special occasion foundation and not much is needed however very drying so you need some sort of a primer with it but before i would recommend a moisturiser . Little goes far, its a matte finish so not sure if it works for summer days i prefer a dewy look for that , but good for evening wear or formal work meetings during the day.

This is my 2015 summer favourite foundation and i came across this just by chance again had a trial and loved the silky feel the freshness about it and the soft skin that it leaves me with . It is a build up foundation which builds well great coverage and i would recommend their buffering brush to apply with , Squirt a little on a brush and apply with circular motions! feels so nice and leaves the face looking like you have just been on holiday and left with a sun kissed glow. Its hydrating just as the package explains . Go try this ! its brilliant

This little beauty is High End ! but what can i say a girl has to treat herself . My birthday indulgence as you may have realised after my previous blogs. Its a new foundation stick that came out only a few months ago and again i went for a trial its very expensive so you need to know you are making the right choice. Its a creamy stick foundation so not a lot is needed but you need a full moisturised face before you think of applying this i found otherwise it stuck to my face in places and was not very attractive! so cream up and then apply and it leaves you with a flawless photo worthy face. It was originally applied with brush but i would say fingers is also fine. Its a brilliant special occasion foundation and i preferred the heavier coverage so that it coverage my red areas on my cheeks but you can apply sparingly too. 

So this is my take on foundations, I'm not an expert on any of this. But we are girls and its fun to learn and play around with makeup thats how we get the look we might be after. Its a feel good factor and if it gives a boost to ones self esteem then great!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. More Next Week..

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