Tuesday, 16 February 2016

BYAloma Jewellery!


What girl doesn't get excited about jewellery! now it doesn't have to be diamonds only it can be interestingly designed fashionable and on trend pieces too. This is exactly what this jewellery brand is and thanks to www.amelialiana.com, her videos show such interesting pieces that I just had to investigate further. Intricate well designed necklaces, brackets, rings, and other things, its a brand that will at some point become known amonst many people, I'm just surprised I've just figured it out now!

The two pieces that I have purchased are the necklace and the bracelet. I love the saying on both pendants, 'What Goes Around' can only imagine this is referring to the karmic thoughts that most of us live by: 'what you do so shall you reap'.

The necklace is just so elegant and fine , it has a long gold chain which then ends with a chain and a pendant attached to that which says What Goes Around, I Love it!, just so pretty with a plain top, it would even look quite pretty with ethnic wear like a plain sari. I love the factor that you can dress this up or down! You have a choice out of silver or gold I personally feel both work well , gold for some reason more. Reminds me a little of the Egyptian Era I would have imagined them to wear something like this! 

My other purchase was this bracelet with blue rope tie around . Just so Boho but with an element of chic the pendant and the clip are gold plated, just adds that certain class that makes it unique. They have the rope tie in many different colours. Orange, neon pink, black, white and many more, I just thought Blue is little universal and would go with most outfits.

By Alona have so much choice and unique pieces, I think anyone who likes to wear jewellery with a slight twist should check them out! Braceletts, body chains, pretty necklaces rings hand ring and bracelet list goes on . Its gothic and pretty at the same time. www.byalona.com

I like to share new things I have discovered so that you guys can also find out about different brands and choices out there! Hope you have enjoyed this.

What new jewellery are you wearing? Is there any brand that you can share with me I might like? Let me know in the comments below.

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