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10 Happy Habits To Have

10 Happy Habits To Have

Happiness is something that everyone aspires to attain. Anyone you ask will say I want to be happy, thats something I need so that life falls into place. How is it that you can have happiness in your life but maintain it on a daily basis?! The strange thing is most of us as babies were born happy and abundantly free , what happens to us as adults that suddenly we find we are sad, grump, disillusioned and generally carrying the world weight on our shoulders. Personally I just think that we allow life obstacles or tests to take its toll on our mind and emotions, which we then carry with us in our life .

From my own experience and perspective I think it's also a habit that can be nurtured and grown within us again, its not something that is lost or unattainable, its right there inside us all waiting to be shown forth! Some people may think happiness is felt so you need to be surrounded by things that make you feel otherwise it can't be felt! well you are so wrong, you don't need external things to change  to feel that happy feeling that can come from within, remember its an emotion that can be cultivated and I am a firm believer in that!

Happiness attracts good things in life, the right people, the right choices and even the right circumstances for great things to happen. When you are happy your vibrations raise, that in itself attracts like a magnet the sort of  things that only survivors, achievers and go getters can have.

So heres how!

  1. Live from a place of love, even if someone treats me mean, I will silence them with kindness, empathy and an air of dignity that only a classy person can do! That way no bitterness sets in and nothing will eat away at you! 
  2. Grateful-  I say this a lot , but how about just going back to basics being happy to be alive each day is an opportunity to achieve to live to change things and to be your true calling. If that heart is beating then you can achieve the goals you want and to carve the life you would like to have. Sometimes that in itself sets you apart from others , you don't need to compare or want or be envious of others concentrate on your own journey and be thankful for the freedom and choice you have.
  3. Exercise- Releases happy hormones!, start your day with it. A fresh air walk, gym, swim whichever takes your fancy! all of these activities will oxygenate your body, clear your mind with that your decisions will have a lot more clarity. Happiness right there. 
  4. Have a hobby! that keeps your creative juices flowing! can be anything reading, writing, painting, photography and dancing whatever it is engross yourself in it, its your time enjoy it.
  5. Pamper day- So many of us have daily life responsibilities, but its ok to take time out for yourself get a massage , go shopping with the girls how about getting your nails done go to the local museums anything where you can relax.
  6. Keep a Journal- most days something in life will upset you or stress you. To write things down at the end of the day is a really good way of getting it out of your system onto paper that way you can put things into perspective, it releases the angst you may feel.
  7. Meditation- Yeah I know heard it before! but it really helps in calming the mind, clearing it and fine tuning your thoughts and getting rid of that daily static that one can find can takeover in normal daily life! it helps to see things for what they really are to realise that life is more clear if you work intrinsically that way whatever you see in life will only project what your thoughts are going on inside!
  8. Surround Yourself With Happy People- being around positive people and laughing through life will keep you happy and positive! So be conscious of the people you keep around you, you want them to have a happy and positive influence in your life!
  9. Do Something Good For Someone- think beyond just yourself , honestly it works a treat! go beyond just your woes and sadness theres a big world out there! who need support advice and a kind heart so do something today something as simple as smile lend an ear or even help someone with their shopping give someone a lift or have a cup of tea with someone it all helps to make others happy and inturn builds good karma to help you.
  10. Consciously Smile More- honestly let it become a habit, who says I need a reason just do it get up in the morning look in the mirror and smile its infectious! and a vitamin that warms your body and mind straightaway! do it for you and others watch how this great habit works a treat in your beautiful life!

Happiness is well within the reach of everyone, it is our birthright! to have this. Just sometimes life, circumstances and challenges can effect it. However if you make it a habit and train your mind that this is a personality trait I wish to possess, address it cultivate it nurture it and let it grow daily it will happen it has for me and changed me completely. Being a happier more positive person means I have challenges oh boy a lot of them, but I can very quickly bring myself back to Im alive I'm here and I have a chance to make things better one foot in front of the other!

Stay Happy People!

Do you do anything else to make you happy is it something you struggle with. Let me know in the comments below!

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