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Red Is Glamorous Every Day Any Day Box & Red Carpet Illamasqua & Charlotte Tilbury

Review! Box & Red Carpet! Illamasqua & Charlotte Tilbury

Red is perfect doesn't matter what season what month! you can wear it walk it and strut it. Its the start of the year forget festivity wear it to celebrate being a women and knowing you can be beautiful just by wearing something as bright and sultry as this! 

Of course the strange thing with wearing a Red is that there is transitional phases to it . You can't just one day wear nothing or pale lipsticks and find you wear the red with utmost confidence and walk out. You will be surprised how much pep talk one needs in order to get a certain shade of red onto the lips and walk out. I talk from experience! you convince yourself first, that I can't be bothered to do my eyes, and this whole smokey blending look, so ill just wear a bold lip and that will make me look dressed up. You walk upto a makeup counter and realise there are so many reds shades that swim in front of your face. You will find bright reds, Orange shades, blue toned reds! Trying them on just makes you break into a sweat come on worn wrong you might just end up looking like a childs 2nd birthday party clown or then a drunk neurotic mother who has lost it while doing food shopping either which way red is daunting initially , but once the trial phase is attempted . You will be well on your way!

Its funny I know and you all will be probably thinking seriously such writing about a red lipstick. Come on its funny and at the same time true! 

Little bit of advice do the orange pink shades first before you go for the Bright boom reds like Ruby Woo or Russian Red which I believe are the classics and once you can wear these to the local town you are a seasoned veteran in bright colours. You need to mentally prepare yourself for the enviable looks that you will get once you start wearing this colour and pulling it off. I can now wear this to Tesco and feel normal, though the looks you get from women is seriously red? while shopping! I say why not! what rule book says its only for a night out?!

Do it step by step and you will never look back . Red all day every day will end up your moto too. After that wearing any bright colours like a purple or a bright pink will come naturally to you.

Seen as I count myself as the now experienced red lippie wearer, I decided on embarking on a journey of discovering some more bright red shades.

Illamasqua- Box

First purchase BOX by Illamasqua . The packaging is a simple black case £19 a lipstick which isn't too bad for a high end lipstick. Such a beautiful deep maroon red! its sultry in everyway! and just such a seductive colour to purchase. I have to say I've been wearing it now for 2 weeks and my review would be that you need to moisture your lips slightly before wearing this, the lipstick is extremely matt and quite drying on the lips. The stay on power is brilliant once on its there to stay you may need to re-apply a tad in the middle of your lips but otherwise sticks. Really good colour check out the swatch below.

Second red purchase was the Red Carpet from Charlotte Tilbury which apparently is a real favourite so the lady at the counter stated. The packaging is so glamorous its in a gold ridged casing and gives a real regal look to the whole thing. Once out the lipstick has this fabulous shape to the tip slight rectangular shape, great marketing ploy its unusual. Its really very pretty! This lip colour is a bright red, shocking and beautiful. Very moisturising and not too drying which is lovely, stay power is reasonable will come off after dinner and drinks but thats ok. Matt finish to it. Honestly after Ruby Woo this is my favourite for sure .

Charlotte Tilbury- Red Carpet

I think the 2 reds that I have purchased are in my favourites. After a lot of research Ive finally got some new reds that I will be using and re-using! Matt reds are preferably better in my opinion glossy can work but i just feel it gives a slightly more mature look to a person. Matt colours seem to stand out more too and the stay power is more plus it doesn't stain your teeth or run outside your lip too.

What red shades have you all invested in? Also are any of you trying to transition from nudes to brighter darker shades? How are you finding it? Whats the thing thats stopping you?

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