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OverComing Negative Thoughts & Being More Confident

Overcoming Negative Thoughts & Being More Confident

You have probably read this title and thought deep! for Neerus Lifestyle! but it is a part of my life past and present and it continues to still be a work in progress for me . Blogging is a great platform and youtube videos to get your story across in your own way which could inspire give tools to people to challenge their thoughts on things like this.

Is there a time when you have had continued negative thoughts running through your mind? do you have a story to tell? i would love to hear whats helped you sharing is caring so lets care.

Here are a few things that have helped me in my self help discovery:
Self Affirmations

Lets start at the beginning. Babies are born happy cute and pretty much content as long as they are fed clothed bathed and cuddled. Have you ever observed a baby sleep its just so peaceful no care in the world just peace all over their face. Not corrupted by the worlds standards judgements and confinements. As this child gets older say 14/15 it starts emulating things it sees reads watches without even realising it, the subconscious mind is powerful whatever you feed it , it doesn't process if its good for you it just feeds it as information. This is where man made society pressures boundaries limits and barriers come up.

Babies are like a clean sponge ready to soak in with awe whatever they are taught , they are curious and constantly learning new things, like how to eat where there hands are what there feet do! how cute right? and then we start being and doing what society feeds us and wants us to conform to.

You are probably wondering what does this have to do with confidence and  negativity, It does when someone else has the power to tell you what to do or has that influence for you to self doubt yourself , subconsciously you have just given your power away.  Negative thoughts start filling that sponge and before you know it , it is full of a running script of fear bad thoughts and limiting feelings, alot of the time a individual is not even aware of any of this and instead will keep discussing the symptoms rather than reflecting within and seeing what the cause could be. 

Self awareness is powerful when we can become aware that our mind is so very powerful and contributes to the choices we are making in life , stress factors, the people we liaise with and even health ailments. You will start looking at things slightly differently. What needs to be done to get rid of the limiting thought patterns?  de-clutter your mind and re-programme your mind its like training it again to think differently, remember your mind is powerful but it ultimately will do what you say so why not feed it happy powerful thoughts!.

There are 7 billion people on this planet earth should we really be cramming our minds with comparisons and negativity? should that pressure really be there? or is there a way to except and breathe knowing we are all beautiful and different and this is what shapes and colours the mind.

So how do we be at one with ourselves and create better thought patterns? One way of doing this is powerful positive affirmations which are small sentences and points written and said over and over again out aloud or to you in the mirror for 3 months at a stretch. it has worked for me and it can for you. Some of my affirmations:

I love and Approve of myself
Life loves me , all is well
My Mind is brilliant
I choose to feel good about myself
Happiness is a choice i make
I love every cell in my body

These wonderful tools were learnt by a wonderful lady who has been my mentor to me since i was 17/18 you can heal your life a NewYork Best Seller  www.louisehay.com/, the message was simple plant the right seed in your mind nurture the thought feed it water it take care of those thoughts be consistent and watch that seed become a flower, its not an over night thing but with time belief and taking care of who you surround yourself with it can and will happen.

Meditation works wonders with this as it calms the mind and brings clarity to your thoughts and one learns to look within for answers and solutions rather than looking at external things to help , which from my own experience will be only temporary. Mediation can take on different forms can be visualisation or then counting or listening to someone in a guided mediation, its one tool that works for me.

So going back to negative thoughts and not being confident. I think i can definitely  say that i suffered from that for many years, the self doubt that went on with any decisions that i made would be physically and emotionally debilitating . However i learnt much earlier on as mentioned before that my mind holds the key to my happiness i need to be gentle with it feed it good thoughts and choose the life i want and the people i want to surround myself with honestly it changed my world. Suddenly my choices were more clear i lived life without fear i didn't let peoples opinions bother me and allowed my life to have no limits . Today the lady that i am is to do with the desire i had within myself to self reflect and know that i just like anyone else  can choose a happy life, you just have to want it real bad. My father has been my biggest guide in this journey and to be honest we share that commonality of positivity and be that which you wish to become and my mother just loves life she gets up everyday with this burst of energy that makes my pace slow. Hay House readings and authors attached to this self help genre have been amazing in aiding my journey in this world. 

Remember start the day being grateful be gentle with your mind and allow self awareness to set in once that is there you can re-check in with yourself the types of thoughts your are having throughout the daand kindly ask your mind to be present in the hear and now knowing life loves you and has your back.

Love NeerusLifeStyle
Unapologetic & Unscripted