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38th Birthday Diary Indulgence!

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Who loves a birthday sheer indulgence and soaking in the love presents good food that gets thrown your way?! yeah im the same i love a day off with family or my partner in crime just to meander and indulge. 

Growing up for some is scary but honestly it is just a number, don't go on that. You have life experience stories to tell, good or bad, and guess what?! you have survived and are still here to tell the story. Truly living is being in awe of life everyday now this may seems cliché but a bright sunny day waking up in a comfy bed, with family, knowing there is food in the fridge, a home, loved ones surrounding you , a country where as a women you are completely  free to develop grow and express, are we not  lucky ? This is very special to have and i hope most of you on your birthdays  can take a moment to be grateful for what is and just be.

This post is not to boast no way that's not me or my style a great birthday can even be sitting at home with loving family playing board games eating good food and laughing. This is just simply what i happened to do on my mine, i want to be able to share it and perhaps inspire some of you to check some lovely spots we have in central London.

Places We Visited:

  • Primrose Hill
The day started with sheer leisure, you know the one where you linger over breakfast while reading and watching your favourite bloggers and vloggers ! getting ready was such a fun to decide what makeup and style took my fancy for the day 
excited me no end. I went for a pink sleeveless top with a black skirt and a leather jacket . My shoes were from Clarks small heel so very comfortable great buy. 

I had chosen much earlier on to my birthday that i wanted to spend the day in London! so first stop was going to be greenberrys cafe that i had heard so much about. Tanya Burr has it mentioned it many times and i felt it needed to be done. My partner 
in crime and i were certainly not disappointed . We both chose breakfast style lunch i had the veggie breakkie sunny side up eggs with sour-dough toast Halloumi grilled avocado grilled tomato just yummy and the other dish was the classic eggs benidcit. The yolk i have to say was
golden yellow the taste mouth watering . It was very busy so i would recommend booking there as we did.

Veggie Breakfast

Classic Eggs Benidict

At this point we had eaten too much there was no denying this ! either a knapp was in order or then a lovely menander and a  fresh air walk . Primrose hill is very scenic lots of greenery lovely property's quaint little high street. The enjoyment is meandering walking into sweetshops with no intention to buy! there was even a quaint bookshop which had very unique books and had that musty smell of old papers
 i loved the shop it was my dream a small space with books crammed from top to bottom. 
Of course my walk wouldnt have been the same if i hadnt gone to Space N K , i love the makeup in there. Items Bought: ByTerry Eyeshadow Misty Rock and Chantelle lipstick in Tulip.

Space NK- By Terry Misty Rock & Chantelle Lipstick in Tulip

ByTerry Misty Rock

Next stop Selfridges just such a fun atmosphere there so much to do and see honestly i could just make a day out of that. which shhhhhhhh the rest of the day was spent there! One of my birthday gifts was a gift card to spend in Selfridge anywhere in the store food makeup clothes anything. So my first pit stop Yep! makeup i bought Tom Ford stick creamy foundation oh yes sheer indulgence and not something i do everyday but this is different,  amazing consistency new stick coverage is flawless. Next buy Laura Mercier Primer , i have never bought a primer and thought i would try it and see how it effects the finish and i do like it i have worn if a few days now and it leaves a shine and a dewy finish

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Tom Ford Foundation/

Chantelle Lipstick In Tulip

Next stop in Selfridge's inevitably had to be a food and drink place  on the first floor of selfridges towards the bag department is a restaurant called Hix its a small, low key good ambience style bar and restaurant finger food on the menu plus great cocktails and mocktails , we had the fish fingers, salmon, fishcakes and aspargus with a lovely lemon and herb dip just yummy, oh and a peach Bellini! 

Just to add a slice of cake was bought out and i was sung to as well i turned the colour of my lipstick but it was a sweet thought!

Did i mention that i went into the bag department after and found a Moschino bag designed as a leather jacket immediately fell in love with it and had to take a picture and share it with you all , how cute is this bag each zip shown is a compartment for the bag . Happy days!

Last stop Quillon restaurant a south asian cuisine , its part of the Taj hotel in St James Court Hotel . I loved the customer serivce here, the food had wonderful presentation . South asian food has a lot of coconut added to the food but it tasted beautiful and well worth a trip .


My birthday wouldn't have been the same had my loved ones not been present with me, this is one birthday of mine some birthdays have just been family and friends reconnecting . Whatever you do celebrate your time here and be grateful for things that are rather than not! Be happy healthy don't stop growing learning and being curious about life. 

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