Top 5 Moisturising Creams For Sensitive Skin

Drug-Store And Prescription Moisturising Creams:

Dealing with Eczema on a day to day basis can become a job that needs to be tended to with a little creativity! Here are 5 of my top most moisturising creams that keep me happy smiling and Itch free ...

  1. Aqueous Cream: ( Drug-Store)

Thick white cream based consistency keeps the skin moist for much more longer  than the usual. Has been my favourite for a number of years , i feel much more confident, with this on. There is no scent to any of these creams but a distinctive Emollient smell , difficult to describe but those of you that use these creams will know what i am referring to.

Those of you that know anyone with a skin condition the one thing that we all have similar is that you will not only have a relationship with us but also the million and one creams that keep us happy and high!

2. Cetraben ( Prescription)

I did use this prescription cream for a number of years and can say to anyone suffering from a skin condition or even ultra dry skin it is a thick based cream works better if you keep it in the fridge, secret tip keep creams in the fridge it acts as an cooling agent when there's an 'itch' episode happening.

Remember smile it will pass over.

3. E45 Deep Therapy ( Drug-Store)

Recently purchased new range of creams from E45, I do like the packaging ! Come on even the skin disorder individuals want some girly packaging . It's extremely thin quite runny consistency , but it does do the job I feel soft and moist most of the day , it's a light weight bottle which helps when travelling . I wasn't too keen on the consistency as mentioned before I prefer thicker based creams. But it is good and I would re-purchase it.

Available from any pharmacy and supermarket. This range has always been a little pricey if its practicality you are after then this range should be left to travelling purposes due to light weight packaging. Otherwise if like me you need at least 2 large 500g twice a month then its better to go for the more reasonable cost one which does inevitable still do the job! which i would say is the Aqueous cream.

4. Aquamax (Prescription)

This is the new version of the Aqueous cream , feels very similar as in the intensity of the greasy-ness! however the consistency is runny! and well personally on observation i don't feel this keeps me comfortable as much as a thicker based cream. The Aqueous cream is thicker and now available from any good large supermarket at a very reasonable cost if you need to bulk up as i do! Aquamax is still only available through prescription.

I do have to say living with eczema can be daunting and challenging especially when you are a child and your little brain cant process why like other kids you cant just take a shower and go! or then go to bed without having some sort of a cream ritual , why your clothes always need a extra wash and why your bedsheets being white is the worst thing possible. BUT there is a light at the end of this tunnel you will grow up kinder patient more empathetic and an overall good human being WHY?!  because suffering of any kind and being different does that you can either go to the dark side and be bitter and isolate your life or then you can celebrate the factor that you are a little special and treasure life more .

It is a Privilege being the individual that you are celebrate the differences and always be grateful for things!

Oh and smile if you are a girl we have make-up clothes twinkly and sparkly things to celebrate too!