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My Current Favourite Foundations!

 Favourite Foundations!

What happens when you start on a makeup journey?, Its usually means being confused to what colour matches as foundation and getting that completely wrong! wearing a dark lipliner with a light lipstick remember that phase in the 90's. I have long since moved on from this. I think reaching your 40's you finally get the right groove for makeup. Since the ample Youtube videos arrived I have managed to sort of teach myself the right look for when and how to apply, I love that this information is available so easily now! so believe me Im a beauty junkie for sure!

This is where my love for makeup especially foundations came from. My taste and favourites change all the time depending on mood the season and how my skin is feeling. 

I have a huge Muji drawer crammed full of foundations small bottles large moisturising colour correcting seasonal things! list goes on! and my current favourites are as follows:

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Its a long time  favourite for many bloggers and rightly so, this foundation is not dependant on seasons or how your skin may feel. Its a lovely thick creamy consistency that glides over your skin, it has a build-able type of consistency which is what I like it makes it much more versatile, lighter during the day and heavier in the evening. Works especially well with dry skin but I can't see it not working for someone with combination skin. Lots of shades to choose from.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue 

Bare Minerals doesn't get the recognition it should . I came across this brand by chance one day and I swear by it for dry skin. This is my go to foundation for the summer. Its dewy, glowy, perfect for a sun kissed look, little concealer bronzer and you are good to go. People don't talk about this foundation enough  I wish they would. SPF 30 which is so good for being on holiday. I burn easily so for me good protection is key and at the same time a good coverage so this foundation is by far my holy grail during the hot months. its a light coverage initially but you can build up. 

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric

This is my new foundation, one that I have fallen in love with! I was always meaning to try the Illuminous silk foundation and never got around to it when I went to the counter and told them I preferred a fuller coverage I was pointed in this direction, I certainly can't compare, and one day will try the illumnious silk foundation but for now this Power Fabric is amazing its silky smooth very moisturising and cream like when applied. One pump pretty much gives you a good coverage but if you wish two pumps thats more than enough. Theres no dry residue left its a very flawless finish neither matt or dewy. I think this also can be used for any season and be used for all skin types. SPF 25 which is pretty good.

Mac Matchmaster 

Random purchase just because it was new a few months back and was really very impressed with the feel of the foundation and the coverage slightly lighter but can be built up, though only one issue blends better with a blending sponge rather than a brush seems to leave streaks! You need patience to work this into your skin so a quick application won't work. SPF 15 disappointing for me I wouldn't really take this on holiday especially if like me you are Fair and burn on your face it will not protect you a great deal. 

Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick

This purchase is perfect for nights out where your pictures need to be flawless. Its a stick with a creamy consistency yellow undertones so suits anyone with red pigmentation in their face. Apply in small amounts directly onto your face, trick is to not to over do it! otherwise starts looking little caky. As long as you get that part right its a perfect coverage for a special night out. Thats how I use it. I have hardly made a dent in it and have had it for over a year now. 

Thats pretty much my favourites right now. What foundations are you loving at the moment. Are you like me and change according to season or do you stick to what you love no matter what?

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