Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sandersons Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea Party!

Mad Hatters Tea Party In Pics!

Cocktails! Before The Tea!

Meat Platter And Veggie Platter Anyone!

Varying Teas!

Cake Tier With Macroons, Ladybird Cakes And Much More!


Hope you enjoyed my Mad Hatters Tea Party images at the Sanderson Hotel. It Was A lovely and Unique experience, if you ever get a chance and want to treat yourself then do check it out, The courtyard, water cascading in the background just a very Feng Shui feel! Do ask for a table out in the courtyard and if anyone is vegan or vegetarian they cater for that too, as you could see in one of the platters it was all vegan including the colour of the bread. Its not a cheap day out and for a family of four can cost upto £230! Varying teas are at hand and the theme is so cute, it will take you back to your Alice In Wonderland days! even the menu comes in a hardback book, all the choices of hot beverages come written on small play cards and the best thing is the takeaway left over bag! how sweet is that!

I have to say afternoon tea for me is my favourite meal to have out. Teas and Scones and sandwiches I just love it! oh how British am I?!

Do you guys like going for an Afternoon tea?! Do you have a favourite spot?

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